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No. 1 – 5 May 1984

“Hand In Glove”. Another article (with quotes) on the collaboration between Sandie Shaw and The Smiths.

Jackie – 15 September 1984

“Short, teen-mag Morrissey interview, in which he answers a variety of questions about The Smiths’ fans, fashion accessories, Top of the pops, his singing voice, etc.”

Creem – June 1984

“”Handsome Devils” / “Through Being Cool”, a one page interview of Johnny Marr by Merle Ginsberg. Topics: being uncool, about the Smiths, other bands.”

Smash Hits – 25 October-7 November 1984

“Morrissey reviews the singles. Title: Morrissey does his bit. Singles being reviewed are by Duran Duran, Hazell Dean, Chaka Khan, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Ultravox, Lionel Richie, Status Quo, Scritti Politti, Prefab Sprout, etc.”

Undress – 1984

“Morrissey interview by Iain Webb. Topics: clothes, look, flowers, heroes, shopping.”

Zig Zag – February 1984

“Smiths interview by William Shaw “Glad All Over”. Photo by Mitch Jenkins. Topics: ambitions, the pop business, sex, Morrissey’s childhood.”

Zig Zag – August 1984

“”The man who caught the common cold”. Lengthy Johnny Marr interview conducted by Rex Garvin. Topics: the music industry, childhood, Morrissey’s lyrics, musical influences, ego, the sincerity of The Smiths.”

The Face – July 1984

” Morrissey interview by Elissa Van Poznak. Photos by Davies & Starr. Topics: giving interviews, doing Pop Quiz, success, parents, before the Smiths, influences, cover stars, heroes, the Sandie Shaw collaboration, Whalley Range, poverty.”

The Face – February 1984

“Smiths interview by Katie Neville “The Post-Cool School” / “Dreamer In The Real World”. Photos by Steve Tynan. Topics: early success, what the songs are about, fans, etc.”

Square Peg No. 6 – August 1984

“Morrissey interview. Square Peg was an arts and culture fanzine for the gay community. Topics: the media circus, their target audience, having influence, having male cover stars, sexual ambiguity, sexual labelling, being a sexual object, fans, being pop music outsiders, despair and suicide, celibacy.”

Sounds – 25 February 1984

“Johnny Marr interview by Hugh Felder “Scratch ‘n’ Smiths”. Photos by Paul Slattery. Topics: success, fans, Morrissey in the spotlight, playing live, recording the debut album, ambitions.”

Smash Hits – 16 February 1984

“”Hits and Myths”, a Morrissey interview by Dave Rimmer. Topics: the impact of the Smiths on the music scene, Oscar Wilde, being a depressive adolescent, the New York Dolls, meeting Johnny Marr, the message of the Smiths, success.”

Rorschach Testing – Early 1984

“Morrissey interview titled “Message Understood”. Topics: Rough Trade, “Hand In Glove”, “This Charming Man”, various songs, charts, radio sessions, the debut album in the making, childhood and past, Sandie Shaw, Irish ancestry. Includes great very early photos of the band.”

Record Mirror – 11 February 1984

“”Morrissey: Is this man really a sex symbol?” / “Morrissey Dancing”, a Morrissey interview by Andy Strikes. Photo on cover. Topics: success, moving to London, being a sex symbol, lyrics, ambition, the upcoming debut album.”

Record Mirror – 8 September 1984

“Smiths (yes all 4 members) interview. Cover photo of Morrissey hugging Marr. Topics: naming the Smiths, friends, the press, writing, success, guitars, Smiths lyrics, videos.”

Record Mirror – 5 May 1984

“2 pages on the Smiths and Sandie Shaw. Sandie plus band minus Morrissey on cover. Sandie interviewed by Graham K. Topics: heroes, Morrissey, working with the Smiths, fame, eighties vs sixties, etc.”

NY Rocker – May 1984

“Interview with Morrissey and Johnny Marr, conducted during their visit to New York back in December/January. Topics: their collaboration with Sandie Shaw, the formation of the band, Rough Trade, and potential success in America.”

No.1 – 28 April 1984

“”The Rivals” / ” The Smith And The Bunnyman” is a conversation/co-interview between Morrissey and Echo & The Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch. Topics: Liverpool vs Manchester, being in the best band, fans, the band names, being rock’n’roll, band rivalry, etc. Photos of Morrissey and McCulloch alongside the article and on the cover.”

No. 1 – 7 January 1984

“”If I Ruled The World”. Morrissey interviewed by Karen Swayne. Topics: nightmares, technology, computers, television, video games, freedom, government, sex, past times, planning, language, dreams.”

No. 1 – February 1984

“”Smithspeak”. Morrissey answers 20 questions from Mark Cooper. Topics: his voice, his shirts, favourite comedian, fame, flowers, seeing himself as a writer, glasses, working with Johnny Marr, favourite food, being northern, parenthood, other music, and much more.”

NME – 22-29 December 1984

“”A Suitable Case For Treatment”, Morrissey and Marr interview. Photos by Derek Ridgers. Topics: violence, upcoming Meat Is Murder album, schooldays, writing, Northern England, sixties, classes, sexuality, being poor, being miserable.”

NME – 21 April 1984

“”Onto A Shaw Thing”, a Sandie Shaw interview by Adrian Thrills at the time of the release of her single with The Smiths. Photo by Derek Ridgers. Topics: her return to singing, her meeting Morrissey, Morrissey himself, future plans.”

NME – 4 February 1984

“The Smiths’ first NME cover, featuring an in-depth interview with Morrissey and Johnny, and a few snippets from Mike and Andy as well. Topics: Morrissey’s lyrics, The Smiths’ style, sex, films, Johnny’s musical influences, and his relationship with Morrissey.”

Melody Maker – 3 November 1984

“The Smiths / Hats Off For Morrissey/A Hard Day’s Misery”. Morrissey on cover. Morrissey interview by Ian Pye. Topics: living in London, success, parents, school, James Dean, New York Dolls, America, Thatcher, videos, Top Of The Pops, current music scene, fashion, lyrics, sex”

Melody Maker – 3 March 1984

“Lengthy interview/article conducted by Allan Jones in Reading in February 1984. Morrissey on the cover. Topics: Morrissey before the Smiths, loneliness, success, Smiths music and lyrics, giving interviews, sex and relationships, the debut album.”

Matter – April May 1984

“Morrissey interview conducted at the Hotel Iroquois in New York City, prior to The Smiths’ 1983 New Year’s Eve gig at The Danceteria. Topics: success and further ambition, speaking to the press, vanity, masculinity, and homosexual imagery.”

Jamming – 6 May 1984

“Morrissey interview. Photos by Paul Cox and Russell Young. Topics: having something to say, sex, the Smiths vs the current music scene, the songwriting, success, etc.”

Jamming – December 1984

“Morrissey interview, in which he discusses The Smiths’ success, giving interviews, his public persona, celibacy, and fulfilling his ambitions.”

Hot Press – 4 May 1984

“Morrissey interview by Neil McCormick “The Secret Life Of Morrissey ” / “All Men Have Secrets And These Are Morrissey’s”. Cover photo. Topics: image, Ireland, Manchester and London, before the Smiths, love life, being a pop star, fans, suicide, death, religion, happiness, the Smiths.”

Debut – 1984

“Volume 6 of this special series of magazine with records includes a Morrissey and Marr interview by Roger Morton titled ‘Far From The Madding Crowd’. The record features the Smiths’ ‘Pretty Girls Make Graves’”

Blitz – May 1984

“‘Soul On Fire’, a Morrissey interview by Jim Shelley. Photos by Nick Knight. Topics: his character and dealing with being a public person, suicide, happiness and depression, trusting people, friendships.”

Best – May 1984

“Includes a 2-page article with interviews by Georges Daublon with Morrissey and Marr. Also includes a review of the Loughborough concert.”

Sounds – 4 June 1983

“‘Handsome Devils’, a Morrissey and Marr interview by Dave McCullough (titled “Dave McCullough is smitten with the Smiths”). Topics: Factory, sexuality, feminism, flowers, humour, jobs and being handsome. The issue that came out the next week contained two negative letters from readers about the band, which could be the first ones of many!”

Sounds – 24 December 1983

“Article by Morrissey himself on the story of Sandie Shaw. It ends with the line “Sandie’s return to centre stage should thrill all individuals with ears.” Of course, the Smiths would be the ones bringing her back under the spotlight four months later.”

No. 1 – 26 November 1983

“Short Morrissey interview, covering topics such as modernity, the use of flowers, and gender roles. Also includes the lyrics to “This charming man”.”

NME – 17 September 1983

“‘Portrait Of The Artist As A Consumer’, a list of Morrissey’s favourite records, films, books and symbolists. Photo by Joelle Depont.”

NME – 24 September 1983

“The Smith Hunt”, a Morrissey interview by David Dorrell. Photographs by Kevin Cummins. Topics included mostly the Sun’s allegations of paedophilia and its consequences within the band. Success, signing an american deal, love, being outspoken are other topics covered.

NME – 14 May 1983

“Crisp Songs And Salted Lyrics”, most likely the first NME interview. Conducted by Cath Carroll. The interview included one line by Mike Joyce.”

Melody Maker – 3 September 1983

“‘The Cradle Snatchers’. A Morrissey interview by Frank Worrall. Photos by Zbysiu Rodak. Topics include introducing the Smiths, labels, the upcoming debut album, trends, flowers, lyrics”

i-D – February 1983

“Mr Smith All Mouth And Trousers?”, a Morrissey interview by Dylan Jones with photographs by Richard Croft. Topics: British music, England, living in the past, sex, love, the end of the Smiths, audience, “Strangeways Here We Come”.

Him Issue # 61 – 1983

Morrissey interview by Catherine Miles. Topics: homoerotic lyrics, playing gay venues, the gay clubbing scene, being a sex symbol, homoerotic artwork, fame.

Rox Issue # 23 – 1983

“A Morrissey and Johnny Marr interview by Rob Graham. Topics: first touches of fame, the music scene, money, Morrissey himself and Johnny talks guitars.”

The Underground (Fanzine) Issue #2, 1983

Issue no 2 of this fanzine which was put together by Flatmates guitarist and Subway boss Martin Whitehead features an interview with Morrissey and Marr. Co-interviewer: Dave Moral. Topics: signing with independent label Rough Trade instead of a major, being an independent band, ambitions, songwriting, music, its powers and its impending death, the greatness of the Smiths, media accusations of condoning child molesting, “Handsome Devil”.

Sounds – 19 November 1983

“An interview by Bill Black. Very nice photos of The Smiths by Paul Slattery on cover and inside. Topics: the Smiths’ aims, the formation of the band, the current music scene, the sixties influence, Manchester, lyrics.”

Debris Issue #2 – November 1983

“Morrissey interview by Dave Haslam. Topics: the very first single bought, being part of pop music tradition, musical heroes, favourite films, writing lyrics, fame, being interviewed, flowers, Rough Trade, the New York mix of “This Charming Man”, ‘the cult of the beautiful’, “Handsome Devil” and sexual segregation, the perfect night ‘in’, the future.”

Chartbeat – 1983

Short interview with Morrissey and Johnny Marr, in which they discuss chart success, Morrissey’s lyrics, and the then-upcoming debut LP.

International Musician – October 1983

“Interview with Morrissey and Johnny by Adrian Deevoy. Topics: the formation of the group, early recording sessions, musical production, songwriting process, and The Smiths’ goals.”

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