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Mojo – October 2012

“This issue features the Smiths on the front (“The Birth Of A Legend…), includes an extract from Tony Fletcher’s upcoming biography of the band, and information on Morrissey and Johnny. The issue includes a covermount cd featuring a compendium on indie classics from the year 1982-1987 (the Smiths’ living years), titled “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”, with artwork imitating that of the Smiths LP “Hatful Of Hollow”.” -PJLM
Photograph credits: Paul Slattery, Rick Stonell, Matthew Norman, Rex, M.E.N., Kevin Cummins, Clare Muller, Paul Cox, WENN, Retna, LFI

City Life – 27 July 2012

“Morrissey profile published on the eve of his 28th July 2012 gig at the Manchester Arena, including a short interview with photographer Kevin Cummins about working with Morrissey.” -MS


Clash – November 2011

“Morrissey interview by Ryan Dooley. Topics: his media image, social commentaries in music, new and past music, performing.” -PJLM

Mojo – September 2011

“This issue features a brief article with Craig Gannon about his brief time in the Smiths.” -PJLM

NME – 18 June 2011

“For the 25th anniversary of the release of the album “The Queen Is Dead”, the NME put the band on the cover and included inside a special feature on the album and its making.” -PJLM

Mojo – April 2011

“Includes a special feature on the album “The Queen Is Dead” for the 25th anniversary of its release. Features interviews with Johnny Marr, Mike Joyce, Geoff Travis, Grant Showbiz, etc, about the album and the events that led to its creation.” -PJLM
*Photograph credits pending


Uncut – April 2010

An article about the 1988 Wolverhampton gig, with photos and captions by Kevin Cummins.
Photo & thumbnail credit: Kevin Cummins


Uncut – March 2009

“Short article in which four fans recount their experiences of seeing The Smiths live at various gigs in 1984” – MS
Photo credit: Tom Sheehan, Redferns

Maxim – February 2009

“This issue features a Q&A with Morrissey titled “24 Hours To Live”. Morrissey humourously answers questions about his death, his legacy, his regrets, etc.” -PJLM
Photo credit: Hamish Brown

Record Collector – June 2009

“Special feature about The Smiths’ test pressings, unreleased singles, and rejected sleeves.” – MS
Photograph credits: Dean Freeman, Paul Cox, Stephen Wright

Dia Siete – June 2009

Article detailing the history of Morrissey’s career, and the recording and release of Years of Refusal.
*Photo credit pending

Filter – February 2009

“Morrissey interview, in which he discusses working with Jerry Finn on Years of refusal, his living arrangements, suicide, his autobiography, retirement, and turning 50.”
Photo credit: Michael Muller

Word – June 2009

“Reprint of the interview originally featured in Filter, winter 2009.” -MS
*Photo credit pending

Hot Press – April 2009

“Morrissey interview. Topics: recording Years of refusal, the sensual nature of singing, his childhood and adolescence, working with Jerry Finn, fatherhood, music critics, turning 50, US politics, his public persona, love, and songwriting.”
*Photograph credit pending

Musikexpress – March 2009

“Lengthy Morrissey history article, plus a short interview. Topics: Oscar Wilde, Chrissie Hynde, Jerry Finn, the Years Of Refusal sleeve art, Barack Obama, turning 50, his autobiography, etc.”
Thumbnail credit: Andrew Catlin
Photographs: Chris Cuffaro, Peter Ashworth, Stephen Wright, Andrew Catlin, Paul Cox

Rolling Stone – February 2009

“Morrissey interview by Birgit Fuss. Topics: the upcoming album “Years Of Refusal”, Alain Whyte, traveling, relationships, retiring, his autobiography, Jerry Finn, etc.” -PJLM

*Thumbnail & photo credits pending

Uncut – January 2009

“The band’s 22 February 1984 concert at Reading University was that months’ “Were You There?” feature. Photographer Tom Sheehan was interviewed about shooting the band before the show and about the show itself. The articles featured mostly his photographs with his quotes appearing as captions.” -PJLM

Thumbnail & photo credit: Tom Sheehan


Hot Press – November 2008

A short interview with Johnny Marr about The Sound of The Smiths compilation, the legacy of The Smiths, Top of The Pops, and possible reformation of The Smiths.

Uncut – February 2008

A short Johnny Marr interview about the recording of Meat Is Murder and the tracks on it. Photograph by Lawrence Watson.

Hot Press – 2 July 2008

“Morrissey interview by Paul Nolan, titled “The Naked Truth”. Photos by Jake Walters. Topics: David Davis and Irish politics, current music scene and Morrissey’s position in it, producers Jerry Finn and Tony Visconti, the Eurovision song contest, the New York Dolls reunion, David Bowie, Nancy Sinatra, anti-depressants, Beck, Los Angeles, his back catalogue, sex and relationships, songwriting, being assassinated, Jack The Ripper and serial killers.” -PJLM

Mojo – March 2008

“This issue featured the Smiths on the cover and a 24-page special on the Smiths inside. The special included an interview with Mike Joyce talking about the band.” -PJLM
Photographs by Paul Slattery, Amy Halsey, Youri Lenquette (uncredited), Rex, Andy Fallon, Russell Young, Andrew Catlin, Kate Garner

The Word – February 2008

“”Morrissey & Me” / “The Man In The Ironic Mask” is a set of six articles in which different journalists relate their encouters with Morrissey. These six journalists are Cath Carroll, William Shaw, Adrian Deevoy, Stuart Maconie, Len Brown and Andrew Harrison. Morrissey on the cover.” -PJLM


NME – 1 December 2007

This interview has been written about as having been re-written by the paper’s editor to make Morrissey look worse, leading to Morrissey taking up a libel case with NME and getting an apology from the NME. Topics (sourced from Morrissey-scans): “looking back on the 80s, his relationship with Johnny Marr, the current music scene, privacy, immigration, and the British identity.”

Hot Press – 14 November 2007

“”Heaven knows they’re legendary now”. Johnny Marr and Stephen Street are interviewed by Paul Nolan about The Smiths career, exploring various songs, how it was in the studio, Stephen Street’s collaboration, and a brief section on Modest Mouse.”

Uncut – November 2007

“This issue includes a photo feature covering early Smiths sessions with Paul Slattery.” -PJLM

Q – May 2007

“This issue featured an extensive article by Smiths biographer Simon Goddard titled “The Last Days Of the Smiths / The Last Rites”.” -PJLM

Uncut – March 2007

“Lengthy countdown of the top 30 Smiths songs including interviews with celebrity Smiths fans, along with a page-long article about Johnny Marr’s own thoughts on “How Soon Is Now?”. Photographs by Paul Slattery, Russell Young, Stephen Wright, Jill Furmanovsky (miscredited to Virginia Turbett), Peter Ashworth and Tom Sheehan. Band on the cover.” – Description from PJLM

L.A. Weekly – 2 February 2007

“Morrissey interview by Kate Sullivan titled “Moz The Cat”. Topics: Ireland, ghosts, his grave, giving interviews, glam rock, music journalism, reproducing, cats and dogs, music used in commercials, the live experience, squirrels and roadkill, American politics.”


Independent On Sunday – 4 June 2006

“The Alan Bennett of pop”. An article on Morrissey’s legacy and history as a pop star, his political views, animal rights work, and a short bit about his latest albums at the end.

Uncut – November 2006

“Rock Landmarks”. A short article detailing the final “meeting” of The Smiths in Geales Fish Restaurant. “It’s true … The Smiths actually split up in a chippy.”

Rolling Stone – April 2006

Morrissey interview in German. This is the original German text from the Italian translation in June. Topics include happinness, religion, the Catholic chuch, living in Rome, the war in Iraq, the US Government, fur fashion in Italy, Italian sound of the album, and Pasolini and his films.

Rolling Stone (Italy) – June 2006

Morrissey interview in Italian. Topics include happiness, religion, the Catholic church, living in Rome, the war in Iraq, the US Government, fur fashion in Italy, Italian sound of the album, and Pasolini and his films. Photos by Bryan Adams.

Musik Express – May 2006

“”Man zollt mir Respekt”, an interview with Morrissey covering the subjects of Rome, Ennio Morricone, Visconti, other artists, Madonna, amongst others.”

Q Classic – May 2006

“Morrissey interview, as part of the Q Classic special about Manchester music. Topics: films, the desire to sing, glamour, his literary influences, and the New York Dolls.”

Times2 – 30 May 2006

“Morrissey interview by Andrew Billen, titled “I’ve always felt like an exile”. Topics: Morrissey’s sex life, relationships, depression, being saved by music, reforming the Smiths, England and its royal family”

Uncut – May 2006

“Morrissey interview by Paul Morley titled “The Passion Of Morrissey” / “The Last Temptation Of Morrissey”.”

Les Inrocks 2 – April 2006

“This is a 98-page special edition devoted entirely to Morrissey and The Smiths (with Morrissey cover photo). Most notable Smiths-related inclusions are reprints of two Les Inrockuptibles interviews from October 1986 and September 1987, conducted by Michka Assayas and Christian Fevret, respectively. Photographs by Christina Birrer, Paul Cox, Jill Furmanovsky, Jo Novark, and Paul Slattery, including a (presumably) previously unseen full page photograph of Morrissey and Marr from 1983.”

Spin – April 2006

“Morrissey interview. Topics: the new album’s title, Tony Visconti, Mike Joyce and more.”

Mojo – April 2006

“”Happy Now?” a Morrissey interview by Andrew Male on the eve of release of “Ringleader Of The Tormentors”. Photos by Andy Fallon. Topics: Rome, Los Angeles, the new album and his collaborators on it, Jesse Tobias, Sanctuary Records, happiness, Pasolini, psychotherapy, music and cinema, his heroes, the Smiths, his autobiography, finding love.”

Q – 15 March 2006

“Morrissey & The Story Of Manchester (UK)
This special edition of Q Magazine includes interviews with members of all major bands from Manchester, England, including Morrissey and the other three Smiths. The Morrissey interview is an adapted version of the April 2006 Mojo interview.”

Zoo – March 2006

“Morrissey posed for fashion photographer Bryan Adams. He also appeared on the cover of the magazine.”

Uncut – January 2006

“Lengthy article by Simon Goddard about the making (writing, recording, artwork) of the “The Queen Is Dead” album, on the eve of the album’s 20th anniversary. Includes comments by Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce. Also includes an old interview with Morrissey that originally appeared in Melody Maker in March 1984.”

Marvin – January 2006

Interview with Morrissey with topics including aging, moving to Italy, Italy vs Los Angeles, depression, the legacy of The Smiths, and the new album Ringleader of the Tormentors. It also includes a concert review and a history on The Smiths.


Uncut – June 2005

“Oxbridge, here we come”. An article about the lecture about The Smiths that took place at Manchester Metropolitan University.

NME – 31 December 2005

“Interview with Morrissey and producer Tony Visconti about the upcoming “Ringleader Of The Tormentors” album and its recording.”


NME Yearbook – November 2004

“Morrissey has his say about the music industry events of 2004, covering his own return to the spotlight, the resurgence of “spunky young guitar bands”, Pete Doherty leaving The Libertines, the theft of Edge’s personal CD-R of unreleased U2 tracks, and more.”

Q – October 2004

“Article about the Morrissey/Marr songwriting team, with old quotes from both Morrissey and Johnny.”

Esquire – June 2004

“Morrissey interview: “Man at his best”. Topics: being namechecked by other artists and being an influence on them, the new album, his autobiography, Los Angeles, Tony Blair, his adolescence, Carry On films, relationship to other people.”

Mojo – June 2004

“Morrissey interview by Keith Cameron titled “The Smiths Will End In Murder” on the cover and “Who’s The Daddy” inside. Inside photos by Kevin Westenberg. Topics: giving interviews, American medicine, his return to the stage, “Southpaw Grammar”, enemies, the music industry, the 1996 court case, the end of the Smiths, Irish roots, England vs Los Angeles, life. Also stories about curating the Meltdown Festival and about the Smiths first gigs, with interviews.”

Ri-Ra – June 2004

“Short “comeback article”, with a particular focus on Morrissey’s Irish roots.”

Time Out London – June 2004

“Morrissey interview by Jake Arnott mainly about the Meltdown festival. Title on cover: “I’ve always assumed there’s a dark river flowing beneath my fans’ desires”. Topics: his return in the spotlight, the new album, catholic martyrdom, writing, gangs, celebrity, moving in Los Angeles, America.”

Word – June 2004

“Includes interviews with Johnny Marr and Mike Joyce about the story and the end of the Smiths.”
Photo credit: Paul Slattery

City Life – 19 May 2004

“Short Morrissey interview, in which he discusses the hiatus between Maladjusted and You are the quarry, criticism, living in Los Angeles, and being resilient. Also includes a brief overview of Morrissey’s pre-2004 solo discography by author of Morrissey’s Manchester, Phill Gatenby.”

Entertainment Weekly – May 2004

“Morrissey interview by Michael Kochman titled “Happiness Is A Sad Song”. Topics: James Bond, his return in the spotlight, the current music scene, his fans, the new album, Los Angeles, “Maladjusted”, David Bowie and ageing pop stars.”

I-D – May 2004

“Morrissey interview by Ashley Heath titled “You And I, This Land Is Ours”. Topics: being a fashion icon, aesthetics, designing record sleeves, the early 80s, Franz Ferdinand, curating the Meltdown festival, pop music, signings to the Attack label, “You Are The Quarry”, Los Angeles, Johnny Marr, America and its war on Iraq, happiness and depression. Photographs by Alasdair McLellan.”

NME – 22 May 2004

“Morrissey interview by Franz Ferdinand. Topics: the excitement of becoming famous, selling out the Manchester M.E.N. in 90 minutes, the new album, America, Nancy Sinatra, etc.”

Q – May 2004

“English translation of a fascinating, in-depth interview with Morrissey, originally conducted by Dutch magazine Oor in 1986. Topics: being interviewed, promoting The Smiths, Top of the pops, ego and the importance of The Smiths, suicide, his love of cemeteries, Some girls are bigger than others, There is a light that never goes out, and camp humour.”

Rolling Stone – May 2004

“17-page Morrissey supplement, including an interview, several short articles, a selection of quotes about Morrissey from other artists, and a pre-Quarry (and Smiths era) discography, all in German.”

Spin – May 2004

“Morrissey interview, in which he discusses his years of exile, The Smiths’ influence, ageing, fans’ expectations of him, You are the quarry, and the odds of finding love one day.”

The Guardian Friday Review – 9 April 2004

“Morrissey interview. Topics: You Are The Quarry, making music, giving interviews, England and Los Angeles, the court case, The Smiths, friendship, solitude and loneliness, his sexuality.”

GQ – April 2004

“Morrissey interview. Topics: the Smiths, getting older, David Bowie, etc.”

Tokion – March 2004

“Morrissey interview. Topics: America, American music, James Dean, his teenage years, reading, going back in time, etc.”

Index – February 2004

“Includes Morrissey interview by James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy from DFA. The interview was conducted during the recording sessions of the “You Are The Quarry” album at Sarm Hookend Studio in Oxfordshire. Topics: singing on stage, listening to music, Jobriath, glam music, debut in the music business, the new album, Los Angeles, celebrity.”


Word – June 2003

“Includes a Morrissey interview by Andrew Harrison titled “Home Thoughts From Abroad”. Photographs by Andy Earl. Topics: being recognized, his return to recording, life in LA vs England, food, Bono and the Gallagher brothers (Oasis), the recording process, other artists breaking America, Kirsty MacColl, Mexico and Mexicans, racism, performing, the ongoing court case, reuniting the Smiths and his newest project, “Under The Influence”. Also includes comments about every song on “Under The Influence”.”

Record Collector – June 2003

“Includes article by Simon Goddard (who published a book titled “Songs That Saved Your Life” about the story of Smiths songs). The article talks about the records that influenced the Smiths. The magazine also includes an illustrated discography.”

NME – 7 June 2003

“This issue came with a special supplement devoted to the Smiths for the band’s 20th anniversary. Includes old interviews, album reviews, letters Morrissey wrote to the paper, etc.”

City Life – July 2003

“Morrissey interview covering Manchester, the new record contract, the recent “The Importance Of Being Morrissey” documentary, war in Iraq, etc.”


Uncut – September 2002

“The story of the making of “Strangeways Here We Come”, by Simon Goddard with the help of Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke. Photo credits: Lawrence Watson, Paul Slattery and Stephen Wright.”

Mojo – November 2002

“Feature on the making of “Viva Hate” with comments from Stephen Street and Vini Reilly. Also includes interviews with Alain Whyte and Boz Boorer about new Morrissey tracks.”


Boyz- 8 September 2001

“Short article for this gay interest magazine about Morrissey’s blossoming Latino fanbase, his appeal to young gay men, and his (and The Smiths’) music as a source of comfort.”

Mojo – April 2001

“‘Heroin, Brutality and two light ales please’. Special issue where the Smiths and Morrissey are heavily covered. Main feature “Trouble At Mill / The Queen Is Dead And Beyond” is an article about the period from “The Queen Is Dead” to the split. It includes interviews with Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke. Also includes “Fame Fame Fatal Fame”, “Go West Young Man”, 6 pages on Morrissey during his tour in the U.S in 1992 and “LA Confidential” a four page interview with the man himself.”

Q – February 2001

“Contains an article titled “31 January 1984 – 20 March 1984: The Smiths’ First UK Tour” by Johnny Rogan, Mick Middles and John Robertson. Includes accounts by Johnny Marr, Geoff Travis, and Sandie Shaw to name a few.”


Uncut – November 2000

“”To kill a mocking bird”. Classic albums revisited: article by Simon Goddard about “Your Arsenal”. Photographs by Kevin Cummins and Mick Hutson (uncredited).”

Mojo – March 2000

“”Time Machine – The Smiths Smash Top 3”, flashback story by Andrew Perry to March 1984. The recording of “What Difference Does It Make?” with John Porter and Mike Joyce on the making of the cover artwork of the debut album.”


The Big Issue – September 1999

“Interview by Sean Smith: “Hello Gucci”. Topics: the royalties lawsuit, living in Los Angeles, sexual orientation, being without a record deal, touring. The Northern UK edition was slightly different and titled “A Greek Tragedy?” on the cover and “This Charming Man” inside.”

Uncut – April 1999

“Electronic interview where Marr talks a lot about The Smiths. Electronic on cover: “The Agony And The Ecstasy / Johnny Marr On The Secret History Of The Smiths”. Inside: “Getting Away With It”. Photos (many previously printed elsewhere) by Tom Sheehan, Kevin Cummins, Retna, Andrew Catlin, Ebet Roberts.”


Uncut – August 1998

“Very lengthy, in-depth article analysing the supposed decline of Morrissey’s solo career, The Smiths’ split, and other related topics.”


Melody Maker – 9 August 1997

“”Fighting Talk With The Godfather Of Indie” / “The Importance Of Being Morrissey”, part 1 of an interview by Jennifer Nine (part 2 October 14). Morrissey photos on the cover and inside by Pat Pope. Topics: being box office poison, crying, “Maladjusted”, computers and internet, getting older, court case, current musical artists.” -PJLM

Vox – June 1997

“‘Music For The Wilted Generation’, Ian Fortnam tells the story of the Smiths by putting together articles and interviews of the band in the pages of the NME.”

L’indic – November 1997

“”Ma Prison Dorée”, a Morrissey interview by J.C. Panek. Photos by P. Mazzoni including cover. Topics: interviewing Morrissey, heores, solitude, press, his audience, happiness, record labels, internet.”

Melody Maker – 14 October 1997

**** Missing part 1
“”Shrink Wrap”, part 2 of the August interview by Jennifer Nine. Topics: heroes, friends, spite, sport, Kurt Cobain, music business, honesty, artists.”

The Big Issue – July 1997

“Morrissey interview. Topics: Los Angeles, living in England, the Mike Joyce court case and the judge’s damning verdict, being an outsider, and getting older.”

A Chance to Shine Issue #12 – April 1997

“Exclusive Morrissey interview in two parts, in issues 11 and 12, by Maria Paroussi (done in 1992). Topics: his lyrics, changes in his life, loneliness, Manchester, death of art forms, Britishness, success in America,”


Rockin’ On – March 1996

“Morrissey interview by Erika Yamashita. Topics: the cancellation of the tour with Bowie, “Southpaw Grammar”, being an outsider, his recording methods, his self, England, music and its business, charity albums.”

A Chance to shine Issue #11 – December 1996

“Exclusive Morrissey interview in two parts, in issues 11 and 12, by Maria Paroussi (done in 1992). Topics: his lyrics, changes in his life, loneliness, Manchester, death of art forms, Britishness, success in America,”


The Times – 10 February 1995

“”This Charming Android”, interview by David Sinclair. Topics: the UK press, the racism allegations, the Boxers tour, his fans, etc.” -PJLM

Details – December 1995

“”All Rise For The Prince Of Wails”, interview by Stuart Maconie which previously appeared in Q magazine. Many photos from different periods of Morrissey’s career, all taken by different people. Topics: “Southpaw Grammar”, fame, Los Angeles, Oasis, Prozac and depression.”

Les Inrockuptibles – September 1995

“Morrissey interview titled “Ma chienne de vie” (“My Bitch of a Life”) / “Finir Comme Orson Welles (“To End Like Orson Welles”) by Emmanuel Tellier and Christian Fevret. Photos by Eric Mulet. Topics: his career, his management, RCA, radio airplay, “Southpaw Grammar”, his last few albums, friendship and human relationships, violence, loyalty, depression. Also includes an article about an instore signing session in Paris with photos by Renaud Montfourny.”

Q – September 1995

“‘Morrissey on life, death & Anthea Turner’ / ‘Do You F*@kin Want Some?’, a Morrissey interview by Stuart Maconie. Photo on the cover and inside by Andy Earl. Topics: ‘Southpaw Grammar’, leaving EMI for RCA. being rich, current british music scene, Kurt Cobain, and many others.”

Rock Sound – May 1995

“Interview/article by Pierre Peronne, with photographs by Youri Lenquette and Dalle. Topics: Morrissey’s idols, the NME and accusations of racism, boxing, the legacy of The Smiths.”

Attitude – February 1995

“‘This Charming Android’, interview by David Sinclair. Topics: the UK press, the racism allegations, the Boxers tour, his fans, etc.”

Q – January 1995

“Morrissey interview as a questionnaire. Topics too numerous to list, but the answers are very interesting.”


Q – October 1994

“Retrospective on Morrissey’s artwork for the release of Jo Slee’s “Peepholism” book. She is interviewed by Martin Aston. The article contains quite a lot of info from Jo Slee herself which is not found in “Peepholism”. Photos by Linder Sterling and Chris Taylor.”

Select – May 1994

“‘You! Outside! Now! Morrissey’s war on Pop’ / ‘Hand In Glove’, a Morrissey interview by Andrew Harrison. Cover photo and inside by Richard Varnden. Topics: boxing, the current music scene, ‘Vauxhall & I’, the past, Rourke and Joyce, racism accusations, achievements.”

Vox – May 1994

“This issue includes a special photo feature to coincide with the release of Johnny Rogan’s ‘The Smiths: The Visual Documentary’”

Details – April 1994

“Morrissey interview by William Shaw: “Yippee-ki-yay!” / “Homme Alone 2”. Photographs by Anton Corbijn. Topics: “Vauxhall & I”, the past year, happiness, Smiths legacy, boxing, sex, friends.”

Q – April 1994

“‘Yes, I Am Pregnant: Mr. Chuckle-Trousers Unzips His Lip’ / ‘Hello Cruel World’, a Morrissey interview by Stuart Maconie. Photos on cover and inside by Andy Earl, taken at the LA Griffith Observatory (includes one Smiths photo by Paul Slattery). Topics: Gillian Taylforth, “Vauxhall & I”, rumours, personality change, England and America, being sensitive, growing older, Johnny Marr, the Smiths’ albums, the Angelic Upstarts, pop music.”

L’Indic – March 1994

“”Ma Prison Dorée”, a Morrissey interview by J.C. Panek. Photos by P. Mazzoni including cover. Topics: interviewing Morrissey, heores, solitude, press, his audience, happiness, record labels, internet.”

NME – 26 March 1994

“‘MOZMANIA! Viva mate: Morrissey meets his public’ Article written by Angela Lewis and Stuart Bailie, photos by Kevin Cummins and Roger Sargent, cover by Sargent.”

The Sunday Times – 13 March 1994

“Fascinating article in which Julie Burchill writes at length about Morrissey’s youth before recalling, interview-style, a surreal incident in which Morrissey turned up unannounced on her doorstep. (The outcome was not pretty!)

This is the infamous “stitch-up” later referred to in the May issue of Select that had Morrissey’s companion, Jake Walters, so incensed that a ten mile run was required to work off the aggression!”

Q – January 1994

“‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ / ‘Nothing To Declare But Their Genius’, a retrospective of the Smiths’ career, put together by David Cavanaugh with interviews of Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce, Geoff Travis, John Porter, Stephen Street, and many other people who were involved. Photographs by Paul Slattery.”


NME – 20 November 1993

“The Smiths on the cover “Reunite and take over. Have Morrissey and Marr patched it up?”. Photographs by Kevin Cummins, Paul Slattery, Claude Gassian (uncredited), Ross Marino, and Stephen Wright. Also includes a reprint of the 14 May 1983 NME interview with Cath Carroll.”

Les Inrockuptibles – July 1993

“Morrissey interview titled “Un dernier tour” (A Last Trip) by Christian Fevret. Photos by Renaud Montfourny including cover. Topics: giving interviews, his career, fans, retirement, new interests, fame, his lifestyle, “Your Arsenal” and “Kill Uncle”, his friends, English politics, the Finsbury Park events and racism, his image, “Severed Alliance”, the WEA best ofs, Johnny Marr, David Bowie and Mick Ronson.”

Select – December 1993

“‘It’s time the tale were told … Johnny Marr on the Smiths” / “The Secret History”, Marr interview by Stuart Macone. Photos of Marr on the cover and inside by Steve Pyke. Topics: various collaborations, being a guitarist, the Smiths, early days, rundown of various releases in chronological order, relations within the group.”

Vox – April 1993

“‘What Now Mozzer’, Morrissey interview by Tony Parsons. Photo on cover. Topics: 1992, Bowie, touring, englishness, sex, “Beethoven Was Deaf”, etc.”

Indiecator – May 1993

“‘Deaf And Dumb?’, 4-page Morrissey interview conducted during the American leg of the Your Arsenal tour.”

Les Inrockuptibles – February 1993

“‘Petite Mort” (“Small Death”), a Johnny Marr interview by Johnny Rogan about the Smiths. Photos by Paul Slattery. Topics: partnership with Morrissey, Rough Trade, writing methods, the debut album, “Meat Is Murder”, “The Queen Is Dead”, Andy Rourke’s drug problems, pressure, 1986 tour, the final recording sessions and the end of the band.”

Select – March 1993

“Joyce and Rourke interview by David Cavanagh titled “The Good Lieutenants”. Photos by Rosa Weekes. Topics: the debut album, writing with Morrissey, “Meat Is Murder”, vegetarianism, “The Queen Is Dead”, “Strangeways Here We Come”. Mike and Andy photographs by Rosa Weekes; Smiths photos by Tom Sheehan, Stephen Wright and Lawrence Watson.”


Details – December 1992

“”Homme Alone – Sex And The Single Guy”, Morrissey interview by David Keeps. Photos by David Jensen. Topics: his tongue, kisses, love by fans, people/youth, depression, guilt, sexual urges, shyness, love, Michael Stipe, music tastes, films, daily life.”

Observer Magazine – December 1992

“Titled “No Sex Please, I’m Morrissey”. Interview by Robert Chalmers (done in Houston, October 1992). Photos by Linder Sterling from “Morrissey Shot”. Topics: “Your Arsenal”, success in North America, the press, the Finsbury Park incident, the Union Jack and the racism rumours, growing up in Manchester, heroes, his christian name, “The Severed Alliance”, Rourke And Joyce, celibacy, homo-erotic imagery.”

Select – December 1992

“Morrissey interview by David Thomas with excerpts from the USA tour and the USA promotional appearances. Photos by Eddie Sanderson. Topics: devotion, record sales, the audience, the music industry, publicity, pop music, attention and tours.”

Les Inrockuptibles – November 1992

“This is only an article on Morrissey by JD Beauvallet, not an interview, but it includes previously unseen photos of Morrissey by Renaud Montfourny.”

Record Collector – November 1992

“Feature on The Smiths collectables, including a “Top 100 rarities” by Mark Thompson. Morrissey and Marr on cover. First part of Johnny Marr interview by Johnny Rogan who later published the “Severed Alliance” biography. Topics: early days, Rough Trade, sessions for the debut album, writing with Morrissey, Andy’s drug problems, management, recordings various songs and albums, being a Smith, the end of the Smiths.”

Spin – November 1992

“”What Becomes A Legend Most” / “The Sorrow And The Pity”. Morrissey photo on cover and inside by the Douglas Brothers. Interview by David Thomas done in Los Angeles. Topics: fan devotion, the music industry, the press, literature, depression, hugs, critics, loneliness, The Smiths, songs, fear, indulging, himself, trust.”

Entertainment Weekly – 16 October 1992

“”The Great White Mope”, Morrissey interview done in Toronto by David Browne. Photos by Chris Buck. Topics: the tour, his influences, American radio, fanzines, his persona.”

Best – September 1992

“”Interview exclusive et défense des valeurs éternelles de l’Angleterre” / “L’age Christique”, written by Emmanuelle Debaussart & Jacques Vincent, photos on cover and inside by Youri Lenquette. Topics: “Your Arsenal”, England and its decline, public image, reading, ageing, mods, Mick Ronson, etc.”

Q – September 1992

“”Talking Up Your Arsenal” / “Ooh I Say”, interview by Adrian Deevoy. Photos by Hugo Dixon and cover by Mike Owens. Topics: his physique, sexual innuendo, his reclusiveness, The Severed Alliance, “Your Arsenal”, death, racism and Englishness, pop music, Michael Stipe, Vic Reeves, Manchester, The Smiths, ecstasy, sex.”

Select – September 1992

“Six-page feature in which various celebrities review Your Arsenal. Also includes an amusing little Morrissey tribute poem by Damon Albarn (of Blur fame), called “Arsenal retentive”.”

You – 20 September 1992

“”Mad About The Boy / Morrissey storms the states”, Morrissey interview in Los Angeles by David Thomas. A more complete version of this interview can be found in the November 1992 Spin magazine. Photos on cover and inside by Eddie Sanderson. Topics: his habits, fame, pop music, depression, the American tour, childhood and life.”

Oor – August 1992

“”Een obsessie die vijf jaar duurde” / “Het Grote Morrissey interview”. Dutch article about The Smiths by Bert van de Kamp, plus original interview (in Dutch) with Morrissey conducted by Marnix Peeters, and a review of “Morrissey and Marr: the severed alliance”. Photographs by Eric Watson, Lawrence Watson, Wim van de Hulst, and Rob Verhorst (uncredited).”

NME – 22 August 1992

“Morrissey on cover waving the Union Jack. ‘Flying the flag or flirting with disaster’. The racism allegations issue. Photographs by Kevin Cummins, Chris Hughes, and Renaud Monfourny (latter uncredited).”

Vox – June 1992

“At Last The Real Story”. Photos, including cover, by SIN, LFI, Retna, Prial Press, Stephen Wright. Many articles about the Smiths, this is almost a special issue about the band: news about possible reunion, “The Wit & Wisdom Of Morrissey” (a collection of quotes), “What Difference Did It Make?” a Smiths story written by Johnny Rogan, “The Ex-Smiths” by Mike Pattenden and Dirk Stallmann covers Andy Rourke, Craig Gannon and Mike Joyce post-Smiths work, “More Stars Than There Are In Heaven” is rundown of people having graced covers of Smiths releases, finally “Hammer And Tongs”, a review of “The Severed Alliance”.

NME – 9 May 1992

“For their 40th anniversary issue, they included a section with all NME covers with Morrissey on them*, and reprinted the letters Morrissey sent to the NME. The issue also included a review of the newest single “We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful”. Morrissey on the cover.”

Missing page with Morrissey covers.

Outlook – January-February 1992

“Special Smiths/Morrissey feature, including a Smiths overview article, an essay by Mark Simpson about Morrissey’s sexuality and appeal to fans, and short interviews with Stephen Street, Phranc, and Sandie Shaw.”

Q – January 1992

Article by Robert Sandall about the Kill Uncle tour with photos by Kevin Cummins.


Rage – December 1991

“Morrissey interview by Dermott Hayes. Topics: his kinship with Sinead O’Connor, his bicycle collection and his lack of money-motivation.”

NME – 19 October 1991

“”Back Morrissey – The Man In Japan In His Own Words / Karaoke On Camping”, a compilation of Kevin Cummins photos of Morrissey in Japan on the Kill Uncle tour. Morrissey on the cover. Credits and Kevin Cummins photo captions are in the hand of Morrissey himself.”

Ciao 2001 – August 1991

“Italian translation of the interview that appeared in English in Option, May 1991, and again in Select, July 1991.”

Crossbeat – August 1991

“Japanese translation of the April 1991 Creem interview plus interviews of the other Smiths members. Part of a lengthy Smiths special.”

Rockin’ On – August 1991

“Japanese translation of the May 1991 NME interview. Photos by Paul Slattery and Kevin Cummins. Morrissey on cover.”

Best – July 1991

“Morrissey interview titled “Mozz Art”. Photos by Claude Gassian. Topics: Mark Nevin, Top Of The Pops, Johnny Thunders.”

Glamour – July 1991

“Morrissey interview titled “Chanteur savant”. Topics: being more private than before in interviews, the New York Dolls and the musical influence of other artists on his teenage years, Manchester and the Mancunian music scene, celibacy.”

Record Hunter – July 1991

“Season-by-season history of The Smiths’ first 12 months, from their very early gigs in the summer of ‘83, up to the release of Heaven knows I’m miserable now.”

Select – July 1991

“‘Wake Me When It’s Over’, Morrissey interview by Mark Kemp from the recent issue of Options magazine, with different photos by Trevor Leighton, Retna, Kevin Cummins, Cathal Dawson many previously published. Morrissey on the cover. Topics: ‘Kill Uncle’, Michael Stipe, New York Dolls, old singles, the Smiths split, dance music, the Manchester scene.”

Crossbeat – June 1991

“Japanese translation of the recent interview from Les Inrockuptibles (3/91). Photos by Renaud Monfourny, including one not from the original interview. Morrissey on cover.”

Los Angeles Times – 16 June 1991

“’10 Questions’ interview by Kristina McKenna backstage from the Los Angeles concert. Photo by Con Keyes. Topics: fans reactions, feminism, his appeal to fans, disappearing times in England, his own changes, loneliness, his disappointment with people, changes in himself.”

Option – May 1991

“‘Inside Looking In / Morrissey & The Art Of Self-Obsession’, interview by Mark Kemp. Photos by Jane Huntingdon, including cover photo. Topics: his lifestyle, Johnny Marr, “Kill Uncle”, Michael Stipe, New York Dolls, the death of vinyl, the Smiths split, dance music, the Manchester scene.”

Ciao 2001 – April 1991

“”Il senso del dissenso”. Article in Italian (mostly Smiths history) by Paolo Bertoni, with discography. Photographs by Kevin Cummins, Lawrence Watson, and Eamonn J. McCabe, plus previously unseen cover photo from the 1985 “Initiate me” session by Peter Anderson.”

Spin – April 1991

“Morrissey interview by Steven Daly ‘Morrissey-His Most Provocative Interview’ / ‘Lyrical King’. Photos by Lawrence Watson and Anton Corbijn (Moz not on cover). Topics: producing records, song subject matter, his lifestyle, the English press, world tours, America, fans, Electronic, the Manchester scene, the death of pop music and of Englishness, Paul Weller, Paddy McAloon and the Cocteau Twins.”

Creem – April-May 1991

“”The Inner Edge”, Morrissey interview by Ara Corbett. Photos by the Douglas Brothers. Topics: “Kill Uncle”, fan loyalty, the Smiths split, Johnny Marr, his solo success, “The Elephant Man”, the 7″ single, the pressures of pop industry, “I’ve Changed My Plea To Guilty”, the Bronte sisters, having children.”

Les Inrockuptibles – March 1991

“Lengthy Morrissey interview by Jean-Daniel Beauvallet titled “La solitude du coureur de fond” (“The Loneliness Of The Long Runner”). Exclusive photos by Renaud Monfourny inside and on cover, one of which later became the cover to the “Pregnant…” single. Topics: interviews, Top Of The Pops, fans, “Kill Uncle”, Manchester, Smiths record sleeves, kitchen-sink drama films, sex, the New York Dolls, isolation, family and Johnny Marr.”


Vox – November 1990

“Morrissey interview by Len Brown titled “Bona Contention”. Cover (“November Spawned A Mozzer”) and inside photos by Kevin Cummins and Pennie Smith. Topics: backlash, defending “Bona Drag”, recent singles, Craig Gannon, indie/dance crossover, rave culture, touring.”

Sounds – September 1990

“Double-page picture spread, humourously telling the not-so-accurate story of Morrissey’s career via photo captions.”

Gay Times – August 1990

“Major article by Kris Kirk and Richard Smith about Morrissey’s sexuality. Exclusive cover photo by Kevin Cummins. Kirk maps Morrissey’s gradual alienating of various sectors of his audience. Smith pleads for Morrissey to reveal his true sexual colours. Inside photographs by Paul Rider, Lawrence Watson and Paul Slattery.”

Spin – April 1990

“Short, but rather interesting little article to summarise the Morrissey persona.”

Rockin’ On – June 1990

“Japanese translation of the previous March interview by Nick Kent in The Face. Different photos by Kevin Cummins and Anton Corbijn.”

The Face – March 1990

“‘The Deep End’, Morrissey interview by Nick Kent. Exclusive cover and inside photos by Anton Corbijn. Topics: his position in the 90s, ‘Striptease With A Difference’, relationships/sexuality, the Smiths split, Johnny Marr, Manchester scene, ecstasy culture, America, concerts.”


NME – 24 June 1989

“”Johnny, Remember Me?”, a Johnny Marr interview by Dave Haslam. Topics: the split, collaborations, giving interviews, musical influences, journalism, Manchester.” – PJLM

NME – 16 September 1989

“This issue was to have a Morrissey interview, but Morrissey backed out at the last minutes. Printed instead is “Headful Of Heroes”, lists written down by Morrissey. Photos on cover and inside by Kevin Cummins. Issue includes a poster of Morrissey bare chested”

Les Inrockuptibles – September 1989

“The Smiths’ retrospective article and Johnny Marr interview, all in French. Interview topics: the final days of Smithdom, new collaborations, being a spokesperson, his musical influences, his favourite memories of being with The Smiths, the Smiths’ musical style, and Manchester.”

Best – August 1989

“The Smiths’ career overview, in French. Includes some previously unpublished photographs from the band’s trip to France in 1984.”

Rockin’ On – May 1989

“A translation in Japanese of the recent James Brown interview from the NME. Cover and inside photos by Lawrence Watson, Kevin Cummins and Tom Sheehan. Also Johnny Marr feature.”

Crossbeat – April 1989

“Article in Japanese, along with a translation of the interview previously published in Record Mirror on 11th February.”

NME – 11-25 February 1989

“Morrissey interview by James Brown printed over three issues. Cover photo by Lawrence Watson of Morrissey drinking Ecover washing liquid on issue with part one: “Morrissey Comes Clean / Playboy Of The Month”. Topics: “…Famous International Playboys”, fans, Wolverhampton concert, the Smiths split, crime, relationships, being a sex symbol, sexuality, his ‘children’, England, touring, friends, world stardom, television, films and camp.”

Record Mirror – 11 February 1989

“‘Playboy Of The Western World’, a Morrissey interview by Eleanor Levy. Cover and centrespread photos by Lawrence Watson. Topics: the Kray twins, his place in pop music, football, the Wolverhampton gig, the Smiths split, his eyebrows and chin, his epitaph.”


Spin – June 1988

“”The Importance Of Being Earnest” / “Viva Morrissey”, a Morrissey interview by Len Brown (also appeared in 2/88 NME). Photos by Lawrence Watson and Anton Corbijn, including cover photo.” – PJLM

NME – 9 April 1988

“”The Mad Chatter”, a collection of Morrissey quotes from the pages of the NME. Topics: growing up, schooldays, being a Smith, clothes, love, celibacy, heroes, villains, power, pop, politics, etc.” – PJLM

Melody Maker – 12-19 March 1988

“”Songs Of Love And Hate”, Morrissey interview (part 1) by Simon Reynolds. Photos on covers and inside (include centrespread) by Anton Corbijn, Eammon J. McCabe and Paul Rider. Topics: Stephen Street and Vini Reilly, “Viva Hate”, the HMV label, Englishness, “Bengali In Platforms”, the 1970s, Smiths copyists, fame, early attempts at journalism, the Smiths split.” – PJLM

NME – 5 March 1988

“Tim Broad and Morrissey talk about the video for “Suedehead” and Morrissey responds to the story in the Daily Mirror titled “Morrissey Sits On James Dean’s Grave.”” – PJLM

City Life – 22 April 1988

“Morrissey interview by John Naughton. Cover photo by Ian T. Tilton. Topics: the cover photo session (where Morrissey is sitting amongst back issues of the magazine), what Morrissey is currently watching and listening to and his urge to interview Charles Hawtrey.”

The Catalogue – September 1988

“Morrissey interview to coincide with the release of Rank, along with a review of the LP by Nick Kent. Additional interview topics: being on an independent label with The Smiths, promo videos, artwork, and signing to EMI as a solo artist.

This edition of the magazine also included a free 7” flexi disc containing a live version of The Smiths’ “London”, and a handwritten Morrissey poem titled “Poppycocteau” on the flexi’s surface.”

Sounds – 18 June 1988

“‘Private Diary Of A Middle-Aged Man’, Morrissey interview by Shaun Phillips. Cover (‘Confessions Of A Big Mouth’) and inside photos by Mary Scanlon. Topics: ‘Viva Hate’, lyrics, touring, ‘Rank’, collaborations, plans, new songs.”

NME – 13-20 February 1988

“Morrissey interview by Len Brown: “Morrissey Gets It Off His Chest” / “Born To Be Wilde”. Photos by Eammon J. McCabe. Morrissey on cover. Topics: Smiths split, Johnny Marr, the 1985 legal problems with Rough Trade, the current chart thoughts, hip-hop and rap, The Primitives, his acting debut, success, Oscar Wilde, the South Bank Show, old age and politics. The issue also includes news about the new single “Suedehead”.”

Just Seventeen – March 1988

“Featured a two page profile and a fact-file which listed Morrissey’s hobbies as ‘taxidermy and wig upholstery.’ There was also a full page photo, the same as the recent NME cover.”

Fabiola – January 1988

“Interview with Morrissey following The Smiths’ split, by Christian Sevret, with photographs by Paul Slattery and Zybsin Rodak. Morrissey on cover.”

Elle – March 1988

“Very short interview by Elisa Van Poznak titled “Morrissey Strikes Again / The Mouth That Roared”. Full page photo by Kevin Davies.”

Crossbeat – October 1988

“Extensive Smiths/Morrissey history and discography for fans of imported rock. Cover colour photo. Photo credits: cover by Tom Sheehan; article photos by Ron Delaney, Peter Anderson, Kenji Kubo, Jo Novark and Cindy Palmano.”

Ciao 2001 – May 1988

“Condensed Italian translation of the Paul Morley interview that originally appeared in Blitz the previous month.”

Blitz – April 1988

“‘Wilde Child’, interview by Paul Morley. Cover and inside photos by Russell Young. Topics: the death of pop music, his place in the business, his sexuality and his fame.”


Record Mirror – 23 May 1987

“”The wit and wisdom of Morrissey”. Short interview presented as a series of quotes, with photographs by Peter Anderson and Cindy Palmano.”

Company – October 1987

“Very short Morrissey interview that formed the basis of a much longer interview published around the same time in Melody Maker.”

The Observer – August 1987

“Another interview conducted following Johnny Marr’s departure; this one considerably more sombre in tone. Topics: his public image, eating habits, isolation, signing to EMI, the attempt to source a new guitarist, and the death of pop music.”

The Face – April 1987

“”Fashion Cares!” / “The Band With The Thorn In His Side”, a lengthy Smiths story by Nick Kent. Photographs by Lawrence Watson. Topics: recent releases and tour, Andy’s drug problem, the Smiths’ change of direction, moving on to EMI.”

No. 1 – 28 November 1987

“”The Smiths: godlike or what?”, a Smiths history in bullet-point format. Photographs by Paul Cox and Tom Sheehan.”

Sky – October 1987

“Morrissey interview. Topics: moving to EMI, literature, language and his vocabulary, his flat in Chelsea, suicide, and the possibility of having a romantic relationship.”

Rockerilla – March 1987

“Overview of The Smiths history, with a month-by-month chronology of events from July 1982 to February 1987, in Italian. Also includes a review of The world won’t listen.”

Record Mirror – 14 February 1987

“”Visionary Outcast or Egotistical Twit” / “The Boy In The Bubble”, a Morrissey interview by Stuart Bailie. Photo on cover. Topics: the harsh truth of the camera eye, “Shoplifters Of The World Unite” and other recent songs, British music, the current music scene, jealousy, sexuality, the interview with Pete Burns, moving on to EMI, “The World Won’t Listen”.”

Q – August 1987

“Morrissey “He did it his way” / “Oh Such Drama”. An interview by Paul Du Noyer. Morrissey on cover. Topics: Smiths story to “Strangeways Here We Come”, North vs London, past, future with EMI, heroes, personal matters, management, touring.”

Oor – 21 February 1987

“Morrissey interview “The Smiths, Morrissey: de prins van de pijn”, an interview by Martin Aston. Morrissey on cover, photo by Sunshine. Topics: giving interviews, fans, promotion, the past and the present, success and fame , his importance in the music world, “The Queen Is Dead” album and its individual tracks, suicide and death, camp.”

No. 1 – 9 May 1987

“”35 Things You Didn’t Know About The Smiths”. Many interesting (even if of slightly dubious accuracy) facts about the band, involving everything from Johnny Marr’s Ansaphone message to Morrissey’s hat collection and offer of a modelling job for Comme des Garçons(!). Photographs by Jo Novark and Patrick Quigley.”

NME – 14 February 1987

“Includes “Exile On Mainstream” an interview with Marr by Danny Kelly, and their best of 1986 poll results where The Smiths were voted best in most categories. Band on cover “The Smiths Caught Red-Handed”. Photographs by Lawrence Watson. Topics: Marr’s role within the Smiths, the American tour, signing with EMI, dance music, their audience, Andy Rourke’s short leave,etc.”

Melody Maker – 26 September 1987

“Morrissey interview by Gary Leboff “Goodbye Cruel World” / “How Soon Is Now?”. Topics: “Strangeways Here We Come”, signing to EMI, writing, fame, disability chic, the Smiths’ position.”

Les Inrockuptibles – October 1987

“This is the legendary Morrissey interview conducted on 8 September 1987 by Christian Ferret, in which Morrissey officially announced the end of the Smiths. Photos by Andrew Catlin.”

i-D – October 1987

“”Mr Smith All Mouth And Trousers?”, a Morrissey interview by Dylan Jones with photographs by Richard Croft. Topics: British music, England, living in the past, sex, love, the end of the Smiths, audience, “Strangeways Here We Come”.”

Creem – July 1987

“Interview titled “The Smiths Strangeways Have Found Us” / “Memo From Morrissey” by Andy Hughes. Morrissey and Marr on cover. Topics: America, interviews, videos, new releases.”

BAM – 3 July 1987

“Johnny Marr interview. Topics: his musical roots, meeting Morrissey, songwriting, Morrissey’s voice, synthesisers, working with Craig Gannon, drinking, crowd violence on the recent tour, and the move to EMI.”

A New England – 1987

“This Charming Band.” Article discussing Shaun Duggan and his play “William”, Smiths’ move to EMI, and at the end, Johnny Marr leaving the band.


NME – 8 March 1986

“Includes their best of 1985 poll results where The Smiths were voted best group, Morrissey best singer, best haircut and best dressed person, “Meat Is Murder” album of the year, Morrissey/Marr best songwriters. The band, Morrissey or Marr are also listed at different positions in the ‘best single’, ‘best live act’, ‘best dressed sleeve’, ‘most wonderful human being’, ‘best haircut’, ‘best video’, ‘worst dressed person’ and ‘biggest mouth’ categories.” – PJLM

Melody Maker – 11 October 1986

An article of various fans responding to Morrissey’s controversial remarks in his interview that appeared in the 27 September 1986 issue of Melody Maker.

Graffiti – October 1986

“”Morrissey Makes Six Points”, a Morrissey interview by Mike Allen. Topics: Rough Trade, touring, politics, videos, literature, the Smiths future.”

Smash Hits – 16 July 1986

“A Smash Hits “Get Smart” special on the band, in which a few reader questions about Oscar Wilde, Morrissey’s use of a hearing aid, and James Dean is not dead are answered. Also includes a discography up to the release of Panic.”

Rolling Stone – 9 October 1986

“”Keeping Up With The Smiths”, an article with by David Fricke with Morrissey quotes. Topics: the New York Dolls, the Smiths within the 80s music scene, “The Queen Is Dead”, sixties singles, writing, etc.”

Rock Express – October 1986

“”A Murderous Desire For Love”, a Morrissey interview conducted by Dianne Collins. Topics: loneliness, being interviewed, The Smiths’ management, fans in North America, songwriting, performing live. Photographs by Jo Novark and Louis DeFilippis.”

Record Mirror – 14 June 1986

“Johnny Marr interview by Eleanor Levy. He is on the cover. Topics: “The Queen Is Dead”, Andy leaving the Smiths, problems with Rough Trade, the Smiths as heartthrobs.”

No. 1 – 28 June 1986

“”Bigmouth Strikes Again”, Morrissey interviewed by Max Bell. Photographs by Ian McKell. Topics: royalty, Andy’s short leave of the Smiths, “The Queen Is Dead”, traveling in England, death.”

NME – 7 June 1986

“Morrissey interview by Ian Pye: “Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em” / “Long Live The Queen”. The photo by Cindy Palmano on the cover was voted in May 1993 in the NME’s 40th anniversary issue as their best cover photo ever. Inside photo by Lawrence Watson. Topics: British writers, records, “The Queen Is Dead”, the Smiths within the current music scene, royalty, fame, lyrics, depression, suicide, sexual models, etc.”

Melody Maker – 27 September 1986

“”Home Thoughts From Abroad”, Morrissey interview by Frank Owen in Cleveland on the “Queen Is Dead” tour. Topics: sex, black music, Manchester, its gay scene, 1970s, etc.”

Les Inrockuptibles – October 1986

“Morrissey interview, in French. Topics: his private persona, criticism, adolescence, The Queen is Dead, being misunderstood, sex and asexuality.”
Photograph & Thumbnail credit: Joelle Depont, Paul Slattery, Eugene Adebari

Hot Press – 11 April 1986

“Morrissey interview. Topics: dealing with the personal demands of fans, Margaret Thatcher, his words and opinions in interview being exaggerated and taken out of context, drugs, The queen is dead, the possibility of moving to another label, success in America, acting, fatherhood, celibacy, his ambitions, and vegetarianism.”

City Life – October 1986

“Morrissey interview. Topics: religion, the decline of Coronation Street, the Smiths’ defection to a major label, Morrissey’s views on his home city, etc.”


NME – 23 February 1985

“Photo of Morrissey by Peter Anderson on cover. The issue includes their best of 1984 poll results where The Smiths were voted best group, Johnny Marr best instrumentalist and Morrissey/Marr best songwriters. The band, Morrissey or Marr are also listed at different positions in the ‘best new act’, ‘best male singer’, ‘best single’, ‘best album’, ‘best dressed sleeve’, ‘best dressed person’, ‘most wonderful human being’ and ‘creep of the year’ categories.” – PJLM

Sounds – 20 April 1985

“”Sorrow’s Native Son”, a Morrissey interview by Antonella Black. Photo by Gavin Watson. Topics: happiness, love, fragility, celibacy, eroticism, sexuality.”

No. 1 – 1985

“”Yeahs and Yeuks” is a list of Morrissey’s Top 10 loved songs (“yeahs”) and Top 5 hated ones (“yeuks”).”

Countdown – May 1985

“Profiles of each member of the band (birthday, siblings, height, weight, favourite food, hobbies, favourite film, etc).”

Bravo – 14 March 1985

“”Ein Kampfer fur Gerechtigkeit”, a brief interview with Morrissey by Margit Rietti conducted after the Brighton Dome gig in March 1985.”

Zig Zag – May 1985

“Morrissey cover. Includes interview with Morrissey “Dance With A Stranger” / “Shakespeare or Bacon?” by Antonella Black. Topics: reserve, childhood, being different, being a figurehead, sex life, cars, leather”

Time Out – 7 March 1985

“”No Sex, No Drugs, No Rock ‘n’ Roll, And Definitely No Royalty” / “This Charming Man”. Morrissey on cover. Interview by Simon Garfield. Topics: tabloids, Band-Aid, being outspoken, the music industry, royalty, journalism, fashion, the Smiths.”

The Hit – October 1985

“Morrissey interview by Paul DuNoyer: “Goons And Philistines”. Photo on cover and inside by Iain ?. Topics: success, sports, George Formby, fashion, life, Smiths position.”

The Face – May 1985

“”Dreamer In The Real World”, Morrissey and Marr interview by Nick Kent. Photographs by Nick Knight. Topics: his past, Manchester, early Smiths days, Morrissey’s surname, the Moors murders, music while growing up, punk, journalism, working with each other. Note: the 2-hour audio from this interview is available from bootleg traders.”

Spin – June 1985

“‘The Smiths’, an article by Jon Savage. This is not an interview per se, more like an essay, but it includes quotes by Morrissey. Topics: pop music, sexual identity and stereotypes, Manchester.”

Star Hits – December 1985

“Morrissey answers twenty questions about topics such as sport, school, punk, drinking, smoking, sexuality, favourite things, doing his laundry, love, groiwng old, after-life, being a pop star, etc. Also includes a few paragraphs about “Hand In Glove”.”

Smash Hits – 31 July 1985

Descriptions and stories of The Smiths cover stars, and Morrissey’s cover star status on the Pink Industry single

Smash Hits – 31 January 1985

“”Meat Is Murder”, Morrissey interview by Tom Hibbert. Photo on cover of Morrissey holding a kitten. Topics: meat, animal liberation, vegetarianism, pets, Band-Aid.”

Smash Hits – 9-22 October, 1985

“”Morrissey And Pete Burns?!! The Very Odd Couple”. Both interviewed by Ian Cranna and appear on cover. Inside: “A Friendship Made In Heaven”. Topics: their friendship, meeting, success, etc.”

Rock & Folk – March 1985

“”Le coup du charme”, an article by François Gorin written following an alleged interview with Morrissey. Very little of the interview comes out in this article. Instead, the author tries to dissect, in essay form, Morrissey’s approach to music and art. A very annoying read!”

Record Mirror – 21 September 1985

“‘A Little Bit Of Soap’, a Morrissey interview by Eleanor Levy about the British soap operas (Coronation Street, Crossroads, Eastenders, Brookside, Albion Market). Photo on cover and inside by Eamonn McCabe.”

Record Mirror – 3 August 1985

“Morrissey interview titled “The Smiths: Morrissey On Money, Immortality And America”. Morrissey ‘Fake’ photo on cover with title “Morrissey – Fraud or Figurehead?”. Topics include Smiths in America, success, Morrissey look-alikes, etc.”

Oor – 4 May 1985

“Morrissey interview “Morrissey het nekvel van The Smiths” by Marc Mijlemans. Morrissey on cover, photo by Anton Corbijn. Topics include lyrics and the “Meat Is Murder” album”

No. 1 – 3 August 1985

“Mike Joyce interview by Karen Swayne. Topics: joining the Smiths, signing to WEA, touring, being a sex symbol, Morrissey, and becoming vegetarian.”

No. 1 – 2 March 1985

“Two pages of Morrissey quotes on a variety of topics (childhood, sex, fame, politics, fashion, etc.) culled from earlier interviews. Photographs by Paul Cox.”

NME – 8 June 1985

“Morrissey interview by Danny Kelly. “Feast Of Steven; Morrissey Fallen Angel or Media Megagod?” / “The Further Thoughts Of Chairman Mo”. Photos by Douglas Cape on cover and inside. Topics: giving interviews, religion, the last tour, concerts, America, the record business, Morrissey vs other Smiths, current music scene, heroes, past, love, etc”

Melody Maker – 16 March 1985

“‘The Morrissey Inquisition’ / ‘Trial By Jury’, Morrissey interview by representatives of various fanzines (Robert Watts of Running Order, Dave Haslam from Debris, Tim Barlow from Eat Yourself Fitter, Rob Deacon from Abstract, Lesley O’Toole from Inside Out, Jon Story from Bucketfull Of Brains), edited by Allan Jones. Morrissey on the cover. Topics: giving interviews, pressure, adolescence, success, musical aims, entertainment vs art, violence, being an outsider, being a figurehead, “Meat Is Murder”, schooldays, lyrics, love, touring.”

Melody Maker – 3 August 1985

“‘Strumming For The Smiths’ / ‘The Thoughts Of Chairman Marr’, Johnny Marr interview by Barry McIlheney. Photo on cover and inside by Tom Sheehan. Topics: giving interviews, press, music business, music scene, concerts, the next album, looking back on the debut album, sixties vs eighties, Band Aid, musical influences.”

Blitz – May 1985

“Morrissey interviews Pat Phoenix. Morrissey appears on the cover: “Wordsmith! Morrissey interviews Pat Phoenix”. Photographs by John Stoddart.”

Best – March 1985

“Morrissey interview by Jean-Eric Perrin. Also includes a review of Meat Is Murder.”


The Advocate – 16 October 1984

“Pop Music Special” – Morrissey gives an interview to The Advocate about celibacy, sex, sexuality, gay musicians, role models, growing up. The interview is included with an assessment of out gay musicians at the time.

No. 1 – 25 August 1984

“”Johnny Too Bad”. Johnny Marr interview by Nick Adams, primarily about his relationship with Morrissey. Also includes the lyrics to “William, It Was Really Nothing”. Photographs (uncredited) by Paul Cox and Peter Ashworth.”

Sunday Times – 8 January 1984

“”The hits and myths of The Smiths”. Very short early interview with Morrissey and Johnny by Jon Savage. Nice colour photograph of the band by Eric Watson.”

Rolling Stone – 7 June 1984

“”Oscar! Oscar! Great Britain Goes Wilde For The 4th-Gender Smiths”, a Morrissey interview by James Henke. This is the first interview to be published in the United States. It also is the controversial one which started with Henke claiming that Morrissey was gay. It prompted one of the first negative reaction by Morrissey to journalists. Other topics: his unhappy childhood, James Dean, Oscar Wilde, Margaret Thatcher.”

Record Mirror – 9 June 1984

“Johnny Marr interview titled “The smiths talk sex, celibacy, spots, glands”, conducted by Simon Mills. Many topics, including The Thompson Twins, his guitar style, money, fans, personal grooming, Sade, Sandie Shaw, and homosexuality. Photograph by Eugene Adebari.”

No. 1 – 5 May 1984

“Hand In Glove”. Another article (with quotes) on the collaboration between Sandie Shaw and The Smiths.

Jackie – 15 September 1984

“Short, teen-mag Morrissey interview, in which he answers a variety of questions about The Smiths’ fans, fashion accessories, Top of the pops, his singing voice, etc.”

Creem – June 1984

“”Handsome Devils” / “Through Being Cool”, a one page interview of Johnny Marr by Merle Ginsberg. Topics: being uncool, about the Smiths, other bands.”

Smash Hits – 25 October-7 November 1984

“Morrissey reviews the singles. Title: Morrissey does his bit. Singles being reviewed are by Duran Duran, Hazell Dean, Chaka Khan, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Ultravox, Lionel Richie, Status Quo, Scritti Politti, Prefab Sprout, etc.”

Undress – 1984

“Morrissey interview by Iain Webb. Topics: clothes, look, flowers, heroes, shopping.”

Zig Zag – February 1984

“Smiths interview by William Shaw “Glad All Over”. Photo by Mitch Jenkins. Topics: ambitions, the pop business, sex, Morrissey’s childhood.”

Zig Zag – August 1984

“”The man who caught the common cold”. Lengthy Johnny Marr interview conducted by Rex Garvin. Topics: the music industry, childhood, Morrissey’s lyrics, musical influences, ego, the sincerity of The Smiths.”

The Face – July 1984

” Morrissey interview by Elissa Van Poznak. Photos by Davies & Starr. Topics: giving interviews, doing Pop Quiz, success, parents, before the Smiths, influences, cover stars, heroes, the Sandie Shaw collaboration, Whalley Range, poverty.”

The Face – February 1984

“Smiths interview by Katie Neville “The Post-Cool School” / “Dreamer In The Real World”. Photos by Steve Tynan. Topics: early success, what the songs are about, fans, etc.”

Square Peg No. 6 – August 1984

“Morrissey interview. Square Peg was an arts and culture fanzine for the gay community. Topics: the media circus, their target audience, having influence, having male cover stars, sexual ambiguity, sexual labelling, being a sexual object, fans, being pop music outsiders, despair and suicide, celibacy.”

Sounds – 25 February 1984

“Johnny Marr interview by Hugh Felder “Scratch ‘n’ Smiths”. Photos by Paul Slattery. Topics: success, fans, Morrissey in the spotlight, playing live, recording the debut album, ambitions.”

Smash Hits – 16 February 1984

“”Hits and Myths”, a Morrissey interview by Dave Rimmer. Topics: the impact of the Smiths on the music scene, Oscar Wilde, being a depressive adolescent, the New York Dolls, meeting Johnny Marr, the message of the Smiths, success.”

Rorschach Testing – Early 1984

“Morrissey interview titled “Message Understood”. Topics: Rough Trade, “Hand In Glove”, “This Charming Man”, various songs, charts, radio sessions, the debut album in the making, childhood and past, Sandie Shaw, Irish ancestry. Includes great very early photos of the band.”

Record Mirror – 11 February 1984

“”Morrissey: Is this man really a sex symbol?” / “Morrissey Dancing”, a Morrissey interview by Andy Strikes. Photo on cover. Topics: success, moving to London, being a sex symbol, lyrics, ambition, the upcoming debut album.”

Record Mirror – 8 September 1984

“Smiths (yes all 4 members) interview. Cover photo of Morrissey hugging Marr. Topics: naming the Smiths, friends, the press, writing, success, guitars, Smiths lyrics, videos.”

Record Mirror – 5 May 1984

“2 pages on the Smiths and Sandie Shaw. Sandie plus band minus Morrissey on cover. Sandie interviewed by Graham K. Topics: heroes, Morrissey, working with the Smiths, fame, eighties vs sixties, etc.”

NY Rocker – May 1984

“Interview with Morrissey and Johnny Marr, conducted during their visit to New York back in December/January. Topics: their collaboration with Sandie Shaw, the formation of the band, Rough Trade, and potential success in America.”

No.1 – 28 April 1984

“”The Rivals” / ” The Smith And The Bunnyman” is a conversation/co-interview between Morrissey and Echo & The Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch. Topics: Liverpool vs Manchester, being in the best band, fans, the band names, being rock’n’roll, band rivalry, etc. Photos of Morrissey and McCulloch alongside the article and on the cover.”

No. 1 – 7 January 1984

“”If I Ruled The World”. Morrissey interviewed by Karen Swayne. Topics: nightmares, technology, computers, television, video games, freedom, government, sex, past times, planning, language, dreams.”

No. 1 – 3 March 1984

“”Smithspeak”. Morrissey answers 20 questions from Mark Cooper. Topics: his voice, his shirts, favourite comedian, fame, flowers, seeing himself as a writer, glasses, working with Johnny Marr, favourite food, being northern, parenthood, other music, and much more.”

NME – 22-29 December 1984

“”A Suitable Case For Treatment”, Morrissey and Marr interview. Photos by Derek Ridgers. Topics: violence, upcoming Meat Is Murder album, schooldays, writing, Northern England, sixties, classes, sexuality, being poor, being miserable.”

NME – 21 April 1984

“”Onto A Shaw Thing”, a Sandie Shaw interview by Adrian Thrills at the time of the release of her single with The Smiths. Photo by Derek Ridgers. Topics: her return to singing, her meeting Morrissey, Morrissey himself, future plans.”

NME – 4 February 1984

“The Smiths’ first NME cover, featuring an in-depth interview with Morrissey and Johnny, and a few snippets from Mike and Andy as well. Topics: Morrissey’s lyrics, The Smiths’ style, sex, films, Johnny’s musical influences, and his relationship with Morrissey.”

Melody Maker – 3 November 1984

“The Smiths / Hats Off For Morrissey/A Hard Day’s Misery”. Morrissey on cover. Morrissey interview by Ian Pye. Topics: living in London, success, parents, school, James Dean, New York Dolls, America, Thatcher, videos, Top Of The Pops, current music scene, fashion, lyrics, sex”

Melody Maker – 3 March 1984

“Lengthy interview/article conducted by Allan Jones in Reading in February 1984. Morrissey on the cover. Topics: Morrissey before the Smiths, loneliness, success, Smiths music and lyrics, giving interviews, sex and relationships, the debut album.”

Matter – April May 1984

“Morrissey interview conducted at the Hotel Iroquois in New York City, prior to The Smiths’ 1983 New Year’s Eve gig at The Danceteria. Topics: success and further ambition, speaking to the press, vanity, masculinity, and homosexual imagery.”

Jamming – 6 May 1984

“Morrissey interview. Photos by Paul Cox and Russell Young. Topics: having something to say, sex, the Smiths vs the current music scene, the songwriting, success, etc.”

Jamming – December 1984

“Morrissey interview, in which he discusses The Smiths’ success, giving interviews, his public persona, celibacy, and fulfilling his ambitions.”

Hot Press – 4 May 1984

“Morrissey interview by Neil McCormick “The Secret Life Of Morrissey ” / “All Men Have Secrets And These Are Morrissey’s”. Cover photo. Topics: image, Ireland, Manchester and London, before the Smiths, love life, being a pop star, fans, suicide, death, religion, happiness, the Smiths.”

Debut – 1984

“Volume 6 of this special series of magazine with records includes a Morrissey and Marr interview by Roger Morton titled ‘Far From The Madding Crowd’. The record features the Smiths’ ‘Pretty Girls Make Graves’”

Blitz – May 1984

“‘Soul On Fire’, a Morrissey interview by Jim Shelley. Photos by Nick Knight. Topics: his character and dealing with being a public person, suicide, happiness and depression, trusting people, friendships.”

Best – May 1984

“Includes a 2-page article with interviews by Georges Daublon with Morrissey and Marr. Also includes a review of the Loughborough concert.”


Sounds – 4 June 1983

“‘Handsome Devils’, a Morrissey and Marr interview by Dave McCullough (titled “Dave McCullough is smitten with the Smiths”). Topics: Factory, sexuality, feminism, flowers, humour, jobs and being handsome. The issue that came out the next week contained two negative letters from readers about the band, which could be the first ones of many!”

Sounds – 24 December 1983

“Article by Morrissey himself on the story of Sandie Shaw. It ends with the line “Sandie’s return to centre stage should thrill all individuals with ears.” Of course, the Smiths would be the ones bringing her back under the spotlight four months later.”

No. 1 – 26 November 1983

“Short Morrissey interview, covering topics such as modernity, the use of flowers, and gender roles. Also includes the lyrics to “This charming man”.”

NME – 17 September 1983

“‘Portrait Of The Artist As A Consumer’, a list of Morrissey’s favourite records, films, books and symbolists. Photo by Joelle Depont.”

NME – 24 September 1983

“The Smith Hunt”, a Morrissey interview by David Dorrell. Photographs by Kevin Cummins. Topics included mostly the Sun’s allegations of paedophilia and its consequences within the band. Success, signing an american deal, love, being outspoken are other topics covered.

NME – 14 May 1983

“Crisp Songs And Salted Lyrics”, most likely the first NME interview. Conducted by Cath Carroll. The interview included one line by Mike Joyce.”

Melody Maker – 3 September 1983

“‘The Cradle Snatchers’. A Morrissey interview by Frank Worrall. Photos by Zbysiu Rodak. Topics include introducing the Smiths, labels, the upcoming debut album, trends, flowers, lyrics”

i-D – February 1983

“Mr Smith All Mouth And Trousers?”, a Morrissey interview by Dylan Jones with photographs by Richard Croft. Topics: British music, England, living in the past, sex, love, the end of the Smiths, audience, “Strangeways Here We Come”.

Him Issue # 61 – 1983

Morrissey interview by Catherine Miles. Topics: homoerotic lyrics, playing gay venues, the gay clubbing scene, being a sex symbol, homoerotic artwork, fame.

Rox Issue # 23 – 1983

“A Morrissey and Johnny Marr interview by Rob Graham. Topics: first touches of fame, the music scene, money, Morrissey himself and Johnny talks guitars.”

The Underground (Fanzine) Issue #2, 1983

Issue no 2 of this fanzine which was put together by Flatmates guitarist and Subway boss Martin Whitehead features an interview with Morrissey and Marr. Co-interviewer: Dave Moral. Topics: signing with independent label Rough Trade instead of a major, being an independent band, ambitions, songwriting, music, its powers and its impending death, the greatness of the Smiths, media accusations of condoning child molesting, “Handsome Devil”.

Sounds – 19 November 1983

“An interview by Bill Black. Very nice photos of The Smiths by Paul Slattery on cover and inside. Topics: the Smiths’ aims, the formation of the band, the current music scene, the sixties influence, Manchester, lyrics.”

Debris Issue #2 – November 1983

“Morrissey interview by Dave Haslam. Topics: the very first single bought, being part of pop music tradition, musical heroes, favourite films, writing lyrics, fame, being interviewed, flowers, Rough Trade, the New York mix of “This Charming Man”, ‘the cult of the beautiful’, “Handsome Devil” and sexual segregation, the perfect night ‘in’, the future.”

Chartbeat – 1983

Short interview with Morrissey and Johnny Marr, in which they discuss chart success, Morrissey’s lyrics, and the then-upcoming debut LP.

International Musician – October 1983

“Interview with Morrissey and Johnny by Adrian Deevoy. Topics: the formation of the group, early recording sessions, musical production, songwriting process, and The Smiths’ goals.”



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