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Uncut – November 2000

“”To kill a mocking bird”. Classic albums revisited: article by Simon Goddard about “Your Arsenal”. Photographs by Kevin Cummins and Mick Hutson (uncredited).”

Mojo – March 2000

“”Time Machine – The Smiths Smash Top 3”, flashback story by Andrew Perry to March 1984. The recording of “What Difference Does It Make?” with John Porter and Mike Joyce on the making of the cover artwork of the debut album.”


Boyz- 8 September 2001

“Short article for this gay interest magazine about Morrissey’s blossoming Latino fanbase, his appeal to young gay men, and his (and The Smiths’) music as a source of comfort.”

Mojo – April 2001

“‘Heroin, Brutality and two light ales please’. Special issue where the Smiths and Morrissey are heavily covered. Main feature “Trouble At Mill / The Queen Is Dead And Beyond” is an article about the period from “The Queen Is Dead” to the split. It includes interviews with Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke. Also includes “Fame…

Q – February 2001

“Contains an article titled “31 January 1984 – 20 March 1984: The Smiths’ First UK Tour” by Johnny Rogan, Mick Middles and John Robertson. Includes accounts by Johnny Marr, Geoff Travis, and Sandie Shaw to name a few.”


Uncut – September 2002

“The story of the making of “Strangeways Here We Come”, by Simon Goddard with the help of Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke. Photo credits: Lawrence Watson, Paul Slattery and Stephen Wright.”

Mojo – November 2002

“Feature on the making of “Viva Hate” with comments from Stephen Street and Vini Reilly. Also includes interviews with Alain Whyte and Boz Boorer about new Morrissey tracks.”


Word – June 2003

“Includes a Morrissey interview by Andrew Harrison titled “Home Thoughts From Abroad”. Photographs by Andy Earl. Topics: being recognized, his return to recording, life in LA vs England, food, Bono and the Gallagher brothers (Oasis), the recording process, other artists breaking America, Kirsty MacColl, Mexico and Mexicans, racism, performing, the ongoing court case, reuniting the…

Record Collector – June 2003

“Includes article by Simon Goddard (who published a book titled “Songs That Saved Your Life” about the story of Smiths songs). The article talks about the records that influenced the Smiths. The magazine also includes an illustrated discography.”

NME – 7 June 2003

“This issue came with a special supplement devoted to the Smiths for the band’s 20th anniversary. Includes old interviews, album reviews, letters Morrissey wrote to the paper, etc.”

City Life – July 2003

“Morrissey interview covering Manchester, the new record contract, the recent “The Importance Of Being Morrissey” documentary, war in Iraq, etc.”


NME Yearbook – November 2004

“Morrissey has his say about the music industry events of 2004, covering his own return to the spotlight, the resurgence of “spunky young guitar bands”, Pete Doherty leaving The Libertines, the theft of Edge’s personal CD-R of unreleased U2 tracks, and more.”

Q – October 2004

“Article about the Morrissey/Marr songwriting team, with old quotes from both Morrissey and Johnny.”

Esquire – June 2004

“Morrissey interview: “Man at his best”. Topics: being namechecked by other artists and being an influence on them, the new album, his autobiography, Los Angeles, Tony Blair, his adolescence, Carry On films, relationship to other people.”

Mojo – June 2004

“Morrissey interview by Keith Cameron titled “The Smiths Will End In Murder” on the cover and “Who’s The Daddy” inside. Inside photos by Kevin Westenberg. Topics: giving interviews, American medicine, his return to the stage, “Southpaw Grammar”, enemies, the music industry, the 1996 court case, the end of the Smiths, Irish roots, England vs Los…

Ri-Ra – June 2004

“Short “comeback article”, with a particular focus on Morrissey’s Irish roots.”

Time Out London – June 2004

“Morrissey interview by Jake Arnott mainly about the Meltdown festival. Title on cover: “I’ve always assumed there’s a dark river flowing beneath my fans’ desires”. Topics: his return in the spotlight, the new album, catholic martyrdom, writing, gangs, celebrity, moving in Los Angeles, America.”

Word – June 2004

“Includes interviews with Johnny Marr and Mike Joyce about the story and the end of the Smiths.” Photo credit: Paul Slattery

City Life – 19 May 2004

“Short Morrissey interview, in which he discusses the hiatus between Maladjusted and You are the quarry, criticism, living in Los Angeles, and being resilient. Also includes a brief overview of Morrissey’s pre-2004 solo discography by author of Morrissey’s Manchester, Phill Gatenby.”

Entertainment Weekly – May 2004

“Morrissey interview by Michael Kochman titled “Happiness Is A Sad Song”. Topics: James Bond, his return in the spotlight, the current music scene, his fans, the new album, Los Angeles, “Maladjusted”, David Bowie and ageing pop stars.”

I-D – May 2004

“Morrissey interview by Ashley Heath titled “You And I, This Land Is Ours”. Topics: being a fashion icon, aesthetics, designing record sleeves, the early 80s, Franz Ferdinand, curating the Meltdown festival, pop music, signings to the Attack label, “You Are The Quarry”, Los Angeles, Johnny Marr, America and its war on Iraq, happiness and depression.…

NME – 22 May 2004

“Morrissey interview by Franz Ferdinand. Topics: the excitement of becoming famous, selling out the Manchester M.E.N. in 90 minutes, the new album, America, Nancy Sinatra, etc.”

Q – May 2004

“English translation of a fascinating, in-depth interview with Morrissey, originally conducted by Dutch magazine Oor in 1986. Topics: being interviewed, promoting The Smiths, Top of the pops, ego and the importance of The Smiths, suicide, his love of cemeteries, Some girls are bigger than others, There is a light that never goes out, and camp…

Rolling Stone – May 2004

“17-page Morrissey supplement, including an interview, several short articles, a selection of quotes about Morrissey from other artists, and a pre-Quarry (and Smiths era) discography, all in German.”

Spin – May 2004

“Morrissey interview, in which he discusses his years of exile, The Smiths’ influence, ageing, fans’ expectations of him, You are the quarry, and the odds of finding love one day.”

The Guardian Friday Review – 9 April 2004

“Morrissey interview. Topics: You Are The Quarry, making music, giving interviews, England and Los Angeles, the court case, The Smiths, friendship, solitude and loneliness, his sexuality.”

GQ – April 2004

“Morrissey interview. Topics: the Smiths, getting older, David Bowie, etc.”

Tokion – March 2004

“Morrissey interview. Topics: America, American music, James Dean, his teenage years, reading, going back in time, etc.”

Index – February 2004

“Includes Morrissey interview by James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy from DFA. The interview was conducted during the recording sessions of the “You Are The Quarry” album at Sarm Hookend Studio in Oxfordshire. Topics: singing on stage, listening to music, Jobriath, glam music, debut in the music business, the new album, Los Angeles, celebrity.”


Uncut – June 2005

“Oxbridge, here we come”. An article about the lecture about The Smiths that took place at Manchester Metropolitan University.

NME – 31 December 2005

“Interview with Morrissey and producer Tony Visconti about the upcoming “Ringleader Of The Tormentors” album and its recording.”

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