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Morrissey photoraphed by Peter Ashworth

“But don’t forget the songs

That made you cry

And the songs that saved your life…”

Cover photo credit: Peter Ashworth

Recently Added:

Mojo – March 2008

“This issue featured the Smiths on the cover and a 24-page special on the Smiths inside. The special included an interview with Mike Joyce talking about the band.” -PJLM
Photographs by Paul Slattery, Amy Halsey, Youri Lenquette (uncredited), Rex, Andy Fallon, Russell Young, Andrew Catlin, Kate Garner

The Word – February 2008

“”Morrissey & Me” / “The Man In The Ironic Mask” is a set of six articles in which different journalists relate their encouters with Morrissey. These six journalists are Cath Carroll, William Shaw, Adrian Deevoy, Stuart Maconie, Len Brown and Andrew Harrison. Morrissey on the cover.” -PJLM

NME – 1 December 2007

This interview has been written about as having been re-written by the paper’s editor to make Morrissey look worse, leading to Morrissey taking up a libel case with NME and getting an apology from the NME. Topics (sourced from Morrissey-scans): “looking back on the 80s, his relationship with Johnny Marr, the current music scene, privacy, immigration, and the British identity.”

Hot Press – 14 November 2007

“”Heaven knows they’re legendary now”. Johnny Marr and Stephen Street are interviewed by Paul Nolan about The Smiths career, exploring various songs, how it was in the studio, Stephen Street’s collaboration, and a brief section on Modest Mouse.”

Uncut – November 2007

“This issue includes a photo feature covering early Smiths sessions with Paul Slattery.” -PJLM

Q – May 2007

“This issue featured an extensive article by Smiths biographer Simon Goddard titled “The Last Days Of the Smiths / The Last Rites”.” -PJLM

Uncut – March 2007

“Lengthy countdown of the top 30 Smiths songs including interviews with celebrity Smiths fans, along with a page-long article about Johnny Marr’s own thoughts on “How Soon Is Now?”. Photographs by Paul Slattery, Russell Young, Stephen Wright, Jill Furmanovsky (miscredited to Virginia Turbett), Peter Ashworth and Tom Sheehan. Band on the cover.” – Description from PJLM


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