Illness As Art

“But don’t forget the songs

That made you cry

And the songs that saved your life…”

Recently Added:

Time Out – 7 March 1985

“”No Sex, No Drugs, No Rock ‘n’ Roll, And Definitely No Royalty” / “This Charming Man”. Morrissey on cover. Interview by Simon Garfield. Topics: tabloids, Band-Aid, being outspoken, the music industry, royalty, journalism, fashion, the Smiths.”

The Hit – October 1985

“Morrissey interview by Paul DuNoyer: “Goons And Philistines”. Photo on cover and inside by Iain ?. Topics: success, sports, George Formby, fashion, life, Smiths position.”

The Face – May 1985

“”Dreamer In The Real World”, Morrissey and Marr interview by Nick Kent. Photographs by Nick Knight. Topics: his past, Manchester, early Smiths days, Morrissey’s surname, the Moors murders, music while growing up, punk, journalism, working with each other. Note: the 2-hour audio from this interview is available from bootleg traders.”

Spin – June 1985

“‘The Smiths’, an article by Jon Savage. This is not an interview per se, more like an essay, but it includes quotes by Morrissey. Topics: pop music, sexual identity and stereotypes, Manchester.”

Star Hits – December 1985

“Morrissey answers twenty questions about topics such as sport, school, punk, drinking, smoking, sexuality, favourite things, doing his laundry, love, groiwng old, after-life, being a pop star, etc. Also includes a few paragraphs about “Hand In Glove”.”


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