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Morrissey photoraphed by Peter Ashworth

“But don’t forget the songs

That made you cry

And the songs that saved your life…”

Cover photo credit: Peter Ashworth

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Smash Hits Yearbook – 1985

Smash Hits’ 1985 Yearbook. Included is a 20 question questionnaire with Morrissey (Photo credit: Peter Ashworth). and an excerpt of Johnny Marr talking about his sunglasses. (Photo credit: Paul Slattery).

Uncut – March 2007

“Stop me if you’ve heard this one before” A short article about interviewing Johnny Marr and Morrissey, with excerpts from the Johnny Marr interview at the end. Johnny talks about first meeting Morrissey and the first Smiths recordings.

Star Hits – June 1985

A list of “facts” and quotes about The Smiths, with some errors or exaggerations.

The Times – 6 November 1999

“Interview by Michael Bracewell: “Heaven Knows I’m Not Miserable Now”. Topics: miserabilism, living in Los Angeles, racism accusations, the 1995 Outside tour with Bowie, the new tour. Photographs of inside Morrissey’s house in Los Angeles.” -PJLM

Melody Maker – 9 August 1997

“”Fighting Talk With The Godfather Of Indie” / “The Importance Of Being Morrissey”, part 1 of an interview by Jennifer Nine (part 2 October 14). Morrissey photos on the cover and inside by Pat Pope. Topics: being box office poison, crying, “Maladjusted”, computers and internet, getting older, court case, current musical artists.” -PJLM

The Times – 10 February 1995

“”This Charming Android”, interview by David Sinclair. Topics: the UK press, the racism allegations, the Boxers tour, his fans, etc.” -PJLM

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The Future of Illness As Art

I’m nearing the end of my initial archive of scans (it goes up to 2012). With that in mind, I’ve been working on other things to upload to the site once the initial run of scans are uploaded. Things I’m working on include: Uploading pre-Smiths articles mentioning or written by Morrissey Uploading missing Smiths &Continue reading “The Future of Illness As Art”


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