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“But don’t forget the songs

That made you cry

And the songs that saved your life…”

Recently Added:

Melody Maker – 23 September 1989

“Special 20-page supplement dedicated to The Smiths as part of a series on ’80s bands. Includes an extensive overview of the band’s history, a couple of pages about pre-Smiths Morrissey,a discography, and many quotes.”

NME – 16 September 1989

“This issue was to have a Morrissey interview, but Morrissey backed out at the last minutes. Printed instead is “Headful Of Heroes”, lists written down by Morrissey. Photos on cover and inside by Kevin Cummins. Issue includes a poster of Morrissey bare chested”

Les Inrockuptibles – September 1989

“The Smiths’ retrospective article and Johnny Marr interview, all in French. Interview topics: the final days of Smithdom, new collaborations, being a spokesperson, his musical influences, his favourite memories of being with The Smiths, the Smiths’ musical style, and Manchester.”

Best – August 1989

“The Smiths’ career overview, in French. Includes some previously unpublished photographs from the band’s trip to France in 1984.”

Rockin’ On – May 1989

“A translation in Japanese of the recent James Brown interview from the NME. Cover and inside photos by Lawrence Watson, Kevin Cummins and Tom Sheehan. Also Johnny Marr feature.”

Crossbeat – April 1989

“Article in Japanese, along with a translation of the interview previously published in Record Mirror on 11th February.”


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