Given that this site wouldn’t exist without the hard work of certain individuals, we would like to take this section to thank some of the people who did a lot of the collecting and scanning of information. Their work was not lost.

This is a Smiths and Morrissey archive of information, hosted and created for educational and archival purposes.

With sites like Passions Just Like Mine no longer being updated and great resources like Morrissey-scans being long gone, the time had come for a new site to emerge. With their contact information long dead, I couldn’t just ask these people who ran these sites for their library of scans and information. After years of hard work from multiple people, we finally have a wealth of scans of interviews, articles, and reviews, along with transcripts and other interesting finds.


What do the quotation marks mean around article descriptions?

The quotation marks mean that the description has been quoted, the source being Morrissey-Scans or Passions Just Like Mine. Any description without quotation marks has been written by myself.

Why do some articles not have image credits? How do I ask for credit?

Many times I will quickly write or paste a description as a placeholder. The site is in a constant state of evolving, and posts, no matter how old, are updated as needed. The goal is to update every description with photographer credits. If you do seek credit, feel free to contact me via email.

You post many articles that aren’t in English. Do you plan to translate them?

Yes, I do plan to hopefully have every article translated to English so that viewers who do not speak those languages can access those interviews. I plan on linking to translations where available, and having others translated.

I have an old collection of music magazines. Can I contribute?

Absolutely! I’m always happy to receive magazines, scans, or higher quality versions of scans that I already have. Feel free to contact me through the email below if you wish to contribute.

Contact Information

Have any questions? Wish to contribute? Email me here (luxsomnium@gmail.com).

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