1986 Interviews

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NME – 8 March 1986

“Includes their best of 1985 poll results where The Smiths were voted best group, Morrissey best singer, best haircut and best dressed person, “Meat Is Murder” album of the year, Morrissey/Marr best songwriters. The band, Morrissey or Marr are also listed at different positions in the ‘best single’, ‘best live act’, ‘best dressed sleeve’, ‘most…

Melody Maker – 11 October 1986

An article of various fans responding to Morrissey’s controversial remarks in his interview that appeared in the 27 September 1986 issue of Melody Maker.

Graffiti – October 1986

“”Morrissey Makes Six Points”, a Morrissey interview by Mike Allen. Topics: Rough Trade, touring, politics, videos, literature, the Smiths future.”

Smash Hits – 16 July 1986

“A Smash Hits “Get Smart” special on the band, in which a few reader questions about Oscar Wilde, Morrissey’s use of a hearing aid, and James Dean is not dead are answered. Also includes a discography up to the release of Panic.”

Rolling Stone – 9 October 1986

“”Keeping Up With The Smiths”, an article with by David Fricke with Morrissey quotes. Topics: the New York Dolls, the Smiths within the 80s music scene, “The Queen Is Dead”, sixties singles, writing, etc.”

Rock Express – October 1986

“”A Murderous Desire For Love”, a Morrissey interview conducted by Dianne Collins. Topics: loneliness, being interviewed, The Smiths’ management, fans in North America, songwriting, performing live. Photographs by Jo Novark and Louis DeFilippis.”

Record Mirror – 14 June 1986

“Johnny Marr interview by Eleanor Levy. He is on the cover. Topics: “The Queen Is Dead”, Andy leaving the Smiths, problems with Rough Trade, the Smiths as heartthrobs.”

No. 1 – 28 June 1986

“”Bigmouth Strikes Again”, Morrissey interviewed by Max Bell. Photographs by Ian McKell. Topics: royalty, Andy’s short leave of the Smiths, “The Queen Is Dead”, traveling in England, death.”

NME – 7 June 1986

“Morrissey interview by Ian Pye: “Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em” / “Long Live The Queen”. The photo by Cindy Palmano on the cover was voted in May 1993 in the NME’s 40th anniversary issue as their best cover photo ever. Inside photo by Lawrence Watson. Topics: British writers, records, “The Queen Is Dead”, the Smiths…

Melody Maker – 27 September 1986

“”Home Thoughts From Abroad”, Morrissey interview by Frank Owen in Cleveland on the “Queen Is Dead” tour. Topics: sex, black music, Manchester, its gay scene, 1970s, etc.”

Les Inrockuptibles – October 1986

“Morrissey interview, in French. Topics: his private persona, criticism, adolescence, The Queen is Dead, being misunderstood, sex and asexuality.” Photograph & Thumbnail credit: Joelle Depont, Paul Slattery, Eugene Adebari

Hot Press – 11 April 1986

“Morrissey interview. Topics: dealing with the personal demands of fans, Margaret Thatcher, his words and opinions in interview being exaggerated and taken out of context, drugs, The queen is dead, the possibility of moving to another label, success in America, acting, fatherhood, celibacy, his ambitions, and vegetarianism.”

City Life – October 1986

“Morrissey interview. Topics: religion, the decline of Coronation Street, the Smiths’ defection to a major label, Morrissey’s views on his home city, etc.”

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