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Rage – December 1991

“Morrissey interview by Dermott Hayes. Topics: his kinship with Sinead O’Connor, his bicycle collection and his lack of money-motivation.”

NME – 19 October 1991

“”Back Morrissey – The Man In Japan In His Own Words / Karaoke On Camping”, a compilation of Kevin Cummins photos of Morrissey in Japan on the Kill Uncle tour. Morrissey on the cover. Credits and Kevin Cummins photo captions are in the hand of Morrissey himself.”

Ciao 2001 – August 1991

“Italian translation of the interview that appeared in English in Option, May 1991, and again in Select, July 1991.”

Crossbeat – August 1991

“Japanese translation of the April 1991 Creem interview plus interviews of the other Smiths members. Part of a lengthy Smiths special.”

Rockin’ On – August 1991

“Japanese translation of the May 1991 NME interview. Photos by Paul Slattery and Kevin Cummins. Morrissey on cover.”

Best – July 1991

“Morrissey interview titled “Mozz Art”. Photos by Claude Gassian. Topics: Mark Nevin, Top Of The Pops, Johnny Thunders.”

Glamour – July 1991

“Morrissey interview titled “Chanteur savant”. Topics: being more private than before in interviews, the New York Dolls and the musical influence of other artists on his teenage years, Manchester and the Mancunian music scene, celibacy.”

Record Hunter – July 1991

“Season-by-season history of The Smiths’ first 12 months, from their very early gigs in the summer of ‘83, up to the release of Heaven knows I’m miserable now.”

Select – July 1991

“‘Wake Me When It’s Over’, Morrissey interview by Mark Kemp from the recent issue of Options magazine, with different photos by Trevor Leighton, Retna, Kevin Cummins, Cathal Dawson many previously published. Morrissey on the cover. Topics: ‘Kill Uncle’, Michael Stipe, New York Dolls, old singles, the Smiths split, dance music, the Manchester scene.”

Crossbeat – June 1991

“Japanese translation of the recent interview from Les Inrockuptibles (3/91). Photos by Renaud Monfourny, including one not from the original interview. Morrissey on cover.”

Los Angeles Times – 16 June 1991

“’10 Questions’ interview by Kristina McKenna backstage from the Los Angeles concert. Photo by Con Keyes. Topics: fans reactions, feminism, his appeal to fans, disappearing times in England, his own changes, loneliness, his disappointment with people, changes in himself.”

Option – May 1991

“‘Inside Looking In / Morrissey & The Art Of Self-Obsession’, interview by Mark Kemp. Photos by Jane Huntingdon, including cover photo. Topics: his lifestyle, Johnny Marr, “Kill Uncle”, Michael Stipe, New York Dolls, the death of vinyl, the Smiths split, dance music, the Manchester scene.”

Ciao 2001 – April 1991

“”Il senso del dissenso”. Article in Italian (mostly Smiths history) by Paolo Bertoni, with discography. Photographs by Kevin Cummins, Lawrence Watson, and Eamonn J. McCabe, plus previously unseen cover photo from the 1985 “Initiate me” session by Peter Anderson.”

Spin – April 1991

“Morrissey interview by Steven Daly ‘Morrissey-His Most Provocative Interview’ / ‘Lyrical King’. Photos by Lawrence Watson and Anton Corbijn (Moz not on cover). Topics: producing records, song subject matter, his lifestyle, the English press, world tours, America, fans, Electronic, the Manchester scene, the death of pop music and of Englishness, Paul Weller, Paddy McAloon and…

Creem – April-May 1991

“”The Inner Edge”, Morrissey interview by Ara Corbett. Photos by the Douglas Brothers. Topics: “Kill Uncle”, fan loyalty, the Smiths split, Johnny Marr, his solo success, “The Elephant Man”, the 7″ single, the pressures of pop industry, “I’ve Changed My Plea To Guilty”, the Bronte sisters, having children.”

Les Inrockuptibles – March 1991

“Lengthy Morrissey interview by Jean-Daniel Beauvallet titled “La solitude du coureur de fond” (“The Loneliness Of The Long Runner”). Exclusive photos by Renaud Monfourny inside and on cover, one of which later became the cover to the “Pregnant…” single. Topics: interviews, Top Of The Pops, fans, “Kill Uncle”, Manchester, Smiths record sleeves, kitchen-sink drama films,…

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