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Independent On Sunday – 4 June 2006

“The Alan Bennett of pop”. An article on Morrissey’s legacy and history as a pop star, his political views, animal rights work, and a short bit about his latest albums at the end.

Uncut – November 2006

“Rock Landmarks”. A short article detailing the final “meeting” of The Smiths in Geales Fish Restaurant. “It’s true … The Smiths actually split up in a chippy.”

Rolling Stone – April 2006

Morrissey interview in German. This is the original German text from the Italian translation in June. Topics include happinness, religion, the Catholic chuch, living in Rome, the war in Iraq, the US Government, fur fashion in Italy, Italian sound of the album, and Pasolini and his films.

Rolling Stone (Italy) – June 2006

Morrissey interview in Italian. Topics include happiness, religion, the Catholic church, living in Rome, the war in Iraq, the US Government, fur fashion in Italy, Italian sound of the album, and Pasolini and his films. Photos by Bryan Adams.

Musik Express – May 2006

“”Man zollt mir Respekt”, an interview with Morrissey covering the subjects of Rome, Ennio Morricone, Visconti, other artists, Madonna, amongst others.”

Q Classic – May 2006

“Morrissey interview, as part of the Q Classic special about Manchester music. Topics: films, the desire to sing, glamour, his literary influences, and the New York Dolls.”

Times2 – 30 May 2006

“Morrissey interview by Andrew Billen, titled “I’ve always felt like an exile”. Topics: Morrissey’s sex life, relationships, depression, being saved by music, reforming the Smiths, England and its royal family”

Uncut – May 2006

“Morrissey interview by Paul Morley titled “The Passion Of Morrissey” / “The Last Temptation Of Morrissey”.”

Les Inrocks 2 – April 2006

“This is a 98-page special edition devoted entirely to Morrissey and The Smiths (with Morrissey cover photo). Most notable Smiths-related inclusions are reprints of two Les Inrockuptibles interviews from October 1986 and September 1987, conducted by Michka Assayas and Christian Fevret, respectively. Photographs by Christina Birrer, Paul Cox, Jill Furmanovsky, Jo Novark, and Paul Slattery,…

Spin – April 2006

“Morrissey interview. Topics: the new album’s title, Tony Visconti, Mike Joyce and more.”

Mojo – April 2006

“”Happy Now?” a Morrissey interview by Andrew Male on the eve of release of “Ringleader Of The Tormentors”. Photos by Andy Fallon. Topics: Rome, Los Angeles, the new album and his collaborators on it, Jesse Tobias, Sanctuary Records, happiness, Pasolini, psychotherapy, music and cinema, his heroes, the Smiths, his autobiography, finding love.”

Q – 15 March 2006

“Morrissey & The Story Of Manchester (UK) This special edition of Q Magazine includes interviews with members of all major bands from Manchester, England, including Morrissey and the other three Smiths. The Morrissey interview is an adapted version of the April 2006 Mojo interview.”

Zoo – March 2006

“Morrissey posed for fashion photographer Bryan Adams. He also appeared on the cover of the magazine.”

Uncut – January 2006

“Lengthy article by Simon Goddard about the making (writing, recording, artwork) of the “The Queen Is Dead” album, on the eve of the album’s 20th anniversary. Includes comments by Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce. Also includes an old interview with Morrissey that originally appeared in Melody Maker in March 1984.”

Marvin – January 2006

Interview with Morrissey with topics including aging, moving to Italy, Italy vs Los Angeles, depression, the legacy of The Smiths, and the new album Ringleader of the Tormentors. It also includes a concert review and a history on The Smiths.


Uncut – March 2007

“Stop me if you’ve heard this one before” A short article about interviewing Johnny Marr and Morrissey, with excerpts from the Johnny Marr interview at the end. Johnny talks about first meeting Morrissey and the first Smiths recordings.

NME – 1 December 2007

This interview has been written about as having been re-written by the paper’s editor to make Morrissey look worse, leading to Morrissey taking up a libel case with NME and getting an apology from the NME. Topics (sourced from Morrissey-scans): “looking back on the 80s, his relationship with Johnny Marr, the current music scene, privacy,…

Hot Press – 14 November 2007

“”Heaven knows they’re legendary now”. Johnny Marr and Stephen Street are interviewed by Paul Nolan about The Smiths career, exploring various songs, how it was in the studio, Stephen Street’s collaboration, and a brief section on Modest Mouse.”

Uncut – November 2007

“This issue includes a photo feature covering early Smiths sessions with Paul Slattery.” -PJLM

Q – May 2007

“This issue featured an extensive article by Smiths biographer Simon Goddard titled “The Last Days Of the Smiths / The Last Rites”.” -PJLM

Uncut – March 2007

“Lengthy countdown of the top 30 Smiths songs including interviews with celebrity Smiths fans, along with a page-long article about Johnny Marr’s own thoughts on “How Soon Is Now?”. Photographs by Paul Slattery, Russell Young, Stephen Wright, Jill Furmanovsky (miscredited to Virginia Turbett), Peter Ashworth and Tom Sheehan. Band on the cover.” – Description from…

L.A. Weekly – 2 February 2007

“Morrissey interview by Kate Sullivan titled “Moz The Cat”. Topics: Ireland, ghosts, his grave, giving interviews, glam rock, music journalism, reproducing, cats and dogs, music used in commercials, the live experience, squirrels and roadkill, American politics.”


Hot Press – November 2008

A short interview with Johnny Marr about The Sound of The Smiths compilation, the legacy of The Smiths, Top of The Pops, and possible reformation of The Smiths.

Uncut – February 2008

A short Johnny Marr interview about the recording of Meat Is Murder and the tracks on it. Photograph by Lawrence Watson.

Hot Press – 2 July 2008

“Morrissey interview by Paul Nolan, titled “The Naked Truth”. Photos by Jake Walters. Topics: David Davis and Irish politics, current music scene and Morrissey’s position in it, producers Jerry Finn and Tony Visconti, the Eurovision song contest, the New York Dolls reunion, David Bowie, Nancy Sinatra, anti-depressants, Beck, Los Angeles, his back catalogue, sex and…

Mojo – March 2008

“This issue featured the Smiths on the cover and a 24-page special on the Smiths inside. The special included an interview with Mike Joyce talking about the band.” -PJLM Photographs by Paul Slattery, Amy Halsey, Youri Lenquette (uncredited), Rex, Andy Fallon, Russell Young, Andrew Catlin, Kate Garner

The Word – February 2008

“”Morrissey & Me” / “The Man In The Ironic Mask” is a set of six articles in which different journalists relate their encouters with Morrissey. These six journalists are Cath Carroll, William Shaw, Adrian Deevoy, Stuart Maconie, Len Brown and Andrew Harrison. Morrissey on the cover.” -PJLM


Uncut – March 2009

“Short article in which four fans recount their experiences of seeing The Smiths live at various gigs in 1984” – MS Photo credit: Tom Sheehan, Redferns

Maxim – February 2009

“This issue features a Q&A with Morrissey titled “24 Hours To Live”. Morrissey humourously answers questions about his death, his legacy, his regrets, etc.” -PJLM Photo credit: Hamish Brown

Record Collector – June 2009

“Special feature about The Smiths’ test pressings, unreleased singles, and rejected sleeves.” – MS Photograph credits: Dean Freeman, Paul Cox, Stephen Wright

Dia Siete – June 2009

Article detailing the history of Morrissey’s career, and the recording and release of Years of Refusal. *Photo credit pending

Filter – February 2009

“Morrissey interview, in which he discusses working with Jerry Finn on Years of refusal, his living arrangements, suicide, his autobiography, retirement, and turning 50.” Photo credit: Michael Muller

Word – June 2009

“Reprint of the interview originally featured in Filter, winter 2009.” -MS *Photo credit pending

Hot Press – April 2009

“Morrissey interview. Topics: recording Years of refusal, the sensual nature of singing, his childhood and adolescence, working with Jerry Finn, fatherhood, music critics, turning 50, US politics, his public persona, love, and songwriting.” *Photograph credit pending

Musikexpress – March 2009

“Lengthy Morrissey history article, plus a short interview. Topics: Oscar Wilde, Chrissie Hynde, Jerry Finn, the Years Of Refusal sleeve art, Barack Obama, turning 50, his autobiography, etc.” Thumbnail credit: Andrew Catlin Photographs: Chris Cuffaro, Peter Ashworth, Stephen Wright, Andrew Catlin, Paul Cox

Rolling Stone – February 2009

“Morrissey interview by Birgit Fuss. Topics: the upcoming album “Years Of Refusal”, Alain Whyte, traveling, relationships, retiring, his autobiography, Jerry Finn, etc.” -PJLM *Thumbnail & photo credits pending

Uncut – January 2009

“The band’s 22 February 1984 concert at Reading University was that months’ “Were You There?” feature. Photographer Tom Sheehan was interviewed about shooting the band before the show and about the show itself. The articles featured mostly his photographs with his quotes appearing as captions.” -PJLM Thumbnail & photo credit: Tom Sheehan


Uncut – April 2010

An article about the 1988 Wolverhampton gig, with photos and captions by Kevin Cummins. Photo & thumbnail credit: Kevin Cummins


Clash – November 2011

“Morrissey interview by Ryan Dooley. Topics: his media image, social commentaries in music, new and past music, performing.” -PJLM

Mojo – September 2011

“This issue features a brief article with Craig Gannon about his brief time in the Smiths.” -PJLM

NME – 18 June 2011

“For the 25th anniversary of the release of the album “The Queen Is Dead”, the NME put the band on the cover and included inside a special feature on the album and its making.” -PJLM

Mojo – April 2011

“Includes a special feature on the album “The Queen Is Dead” for the 25th anniversary of its release. Features interviews with Johnny Marr, Mike Joyce, Geoff Travis, Grant Showbiz, etc, about the album and the events that led to its creation.” -PJLM *Photograph credits pending


Mojo – October 2012

“This issue features the Smiths on the front (“The Birth Of A Legend…), includes an extract from Tony Fletcher’s upcoming biography of the band, and information on Morrissey and Johnny. The issue includes a covermount cd featuring a compendium on indie classics from the year 1982-1987 (the Smiths’ living years), titled “There Is A Light…

City Life – 27 July 2012

“Morrissey profile published on the eve of his 28th July 2012 gig at the Manchester Arena, including a short interview with photographer Kevin Cummins about working with Morrissey.” -MS

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