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Smash Hits Yearbook – 1985

Smash Hits’ 1985 Yearbook. Included is a 20 question questionnaire with Morrissey (Photo credit: Peter Ashworth). and an excerpt of Johnny Marr talking about his sunglasses. (Photo credit: Paul Slattery).

NME – 23 February 1985

“Photo of Morrissey by Peter Anderson on cover. The issue includes their best of 1984 poll results where The Smiths were voted best group, Johnny Marr best instrumentalist and Morrissey/Marr best songwriters. The band, Morrissey or Marr are also listed at different positions in the ‘best new act’, ‘best male singer’, ‘best single’, ‘best album’,…

Sounds – 20 April 1985

“”Sorrow’s Native Son”, a Morrissey interview by Antonella Black. Photo by Gavin Watson. Topics: happiness, love, fragility, celibacy, eroticism, sexuality.”

No. 1 – 1985

“”Yeahs and Yeuks” is a list of Morrissey’s Top 10 loved songs (“yeahs”) and Top 5 hated ones (“yeuks”).”

Countdown – May 1985

“Profiles of each member of the band (birthday, siblings, height, weight, favourite food, hobbies, favourite film, etc).”

Bravo – 14 March 1985

“”Ein Kampfer fur Gerechtigkeit”, a brief interview with Morrissey by Margit Rietti conducted after the Brighton Dome gig in March 1985.”

Zig Zag – May 1985

“Morrissey cover. Includes interview with Morrissey “Dance With A Stranger” / “Shakespeare or Bacon?” by Antonella Black. Topics: reserve, childhood, being different, being a figurehead, sex life, cars, leather”

Time Out – 7 March 1985

“”No Sex, No Drugs, No Rock ‘n’ Roll, And Definitely No Royalty” / “This Charming Man”. Morrissey on cover. Interview by Simon Garfield. Topics: tabloids, Band-Aid, being outspoken, the music industry, royalty, journalism, fashion, the Smiths.”

The Hit – October 1985

“Morrissey interview by Paul DuNoyer: “Goons And Philistines”. Photo on cover and inside by Iain ?. Topics: success, sports, George Formby, fashion, life, Smiths position.”

The Face – May 1985

“”Dreamer In The Real World”, Morrissey and Marr interview by Nick Kent. Photographs by Nick Knight. Topics: his past, Manchester, early Smiths days, Morrissey’s surname, the Moors murders, music while growing up, punk, journalism, working with each other. Note: the 2-hour audio from this interview is available from bootleg traders.”

Spin – June 1985

“‘The Smiths’, an article by Jon Savage. This is not an interview per se, more like an essay, but it includes quotes by Morrissey. Topics: pop music, sexual identity and stereotypes, Manchester.”

Star Hits – December 1985

“Morrissey answers twenty questions about topics such as sport, school, punk, drinking, smoking, sexuality, favourite things, doing his laundry, love, groiwng old, after-life, being a pop star, etc. Also includes a few paragraphs about “Hand In Glove”.”

Smash Hits – 31 July 1985

Descriptions and stories of The Smiths cover stars, and Morrissey’s cover star status on the Pink Industry single

Smash Hits – 31 January 1985

“”Meat Is Murder”, Morrissey interview by Tom Hibbert. Photo on cover of Morrissey holding a kitten. Topics: meat, animal liberation, vegetarianism, pets, Band-Aid.”

Smash Hits – 9-22 October, 1985

“”Morrissey And Pete Burns?!! The Very Odd Couple”. Both interviewed by Ian Cranna and appear on cover. Inside: “A Friendship Made In Heaven”. Topics: their friendship, meeting, success, etc.”

Rock & Folk – March 1985

“”Le coup du charme”, an article by François Gorin written following an alleged interview with Morrissey. Very little of the interview comes out in this article. Instead, the author tries to dissect, in essay form, Morrissey’s approach to music and art. A very annoying read!”

Record Mirror – 21 September 1985

“‘A Little Bit Of Soap’, a Morrissey interview by Eleanor Levy about the British soap operas (Coronation Street, Crossroads, Eastenders, Brookside, Albion Market). Photo on cover and inside by Eamonn McCabe.”

Record Mirror – 3 August 1985

“Morrissey interview titled “The Smiths: Morrissey On Money, Immortality And America”. Morrissey ‘Fake’ photo on cover with title “Morrissey – Fraud or Figurehead?”. Topics include Smiths in America, success, Morrissey look-alikes, etc.”

Oor – 4 May 1985

“Morrissey interview “Morrissey het nekvel van The Smiths” by Marc Mijlemans. Morrissey on cover, photo by Anton Corbijn. Topics include lyrics and the “Meat Is Murder” album”

No. 1 – 3 August 1985

“Mike Joyce interview by Karen Swayne. Topics: joining the Smiths, signing to WEA, touring, being a sex symbol, Morrissey, and becoming vegetarian.”

No. 1 – 2 March 1985

“Two pages of Morrissey quotes on a variety of topics (childhood, sex, fame, politics, fashion, etc.) culled from earlier interviews. Photographs by Paul Cox.”

NME – 8 June 1985

“Morrissey interview by Danny Kelly. “Feast Of Steven; Morrissey Fallen Angel or Media Megagod?” / “The Further Thoughts Of Chairman Mo”. Photos by Douglas Cape on cover and inside. Topics: giving interviews, religion, the last tour, concerts, America, the record business, Morrissey vs other Smiths, current music scene, heroes, past, love, etc”

Melody Maker – 16 March 1985

“‘The Morrissey Inquisition’ / ‘Trial By Jury’, Morrissey interview by representatives of various fanzines (Robert Watts of Running Order, Dave Haslam from Debris, Tim Barlow from Eat Yourself Fitter, Rob Deacon from Abstract, Lesley O’Toole from Inside Out, Jon Story from Bucketfull Of Brains), edited by Allan Jones. Morrissey on the cover. Topics: giving interviews,…

Melody Maker – 3 August 1985

“‘Strumming For The Smiths’ / ‘The Thoughts Of Chairman Marr’, Johnny Marr interview by Barry McIlheney. Photo on cover and inside by Tom Sheehan. Topics: giving interviews, press, music business, music scene, concerts, the next album, looking back on the debut album, sixties vs eighties, Band Aid, musical influences.”

Blitz – May 1985

“Morrissey interviews Pat Phoenix. Morrissey appears on the cover: “Wordsmith! Morrissey interviews Pat Phoenix”. Photographs by John Stoddart.”

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