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NME – 20 November 1993

“The Smiths on the cover “Reunite and take over. Have Morrissey and Marr patched it up?”. Photographs by Kevin Cummins, Paul Slattery, Claude Gassian (uncredited), Ross Marino, and Stephen Wright. Also includes a reprint of the 14 May 1983 NME interview with Cath Carroll.”

Les Inrockuptibles – July 1993

“Morrissey interview titled “Un dernier tour” (A Last Trip) by Christian Fevret. Photos by Renaud Montfourny including cover. Topics: giving interviews, his career, fans, retirement, new interests, fame, his lifestyle, “Your Arsenal” and “Kill Uncle”, his friends, English politics, the Finsbury Park events and racism, his image, “Severed Alliance”, the WEA best ofs, Johnny Marr,…

Select – December 1993

“‘It’s time the tale were told … Johnny Marr on the Smiths” / “The Secret History”, Marr interview by Stuart Macone. Photos of Marr on the cover and inside by Steve Pyke. Topics: various collaborations, being a guitarist, the Smiths, early days, rundown of various releases in chronological order, relations within the group.”

Vox – April 1993

“‘What Now Mozzer’, Morrissey interview by Tony Parsons. Photo on cover. Topics: 1992, Bowie, touring, englishness, sex, “Beethoven Was Deaf”, etc.”

Indiecator – May 1993

“‘Deaf And Dumb?’, 4-page Morrissey interview conducted during the American leg of the Your Arsenal tour.”

Les Inrockuptibles – February 1993

“‘Petite Mort” (“Small Death”), a Johnny Marr interview by Johnny Rogan about the Smiths. Photos by Paul Slattery. Topics: partnership with Morrissey, Rough Trade, writing methods, the debut album, “Meat Is Murder”, “The Queen Is Dead”, Andy Rourke’s drug problems, pressure, 1986 tour, the final recording sessions and the end of the band.”

Select – March 1993

“Joyce and Rourke interview by David Cavanagh titled “The Good Lieutenants”. Photos by Rosa Weekes. Topics: the debut album, writing with Morrissey, “Meat Is Murder”, vegetarianism, “The Queen Is Dead”, “Strangeways Here We Come”. Mike and Andy photographs by Rosa Weekes; Smiths photos by Tom Sheehan, Stephen Wright and Lawrence Watson.”


Q – October 1994

“Retrospective on Morrissey’s artwork for the release of Jo Slee’s “Peepholism” book. She is interviewed by Martin Aston. The article contains quite a lot of info from Jo Slee herself which is not found in “Peepholism”. Photos by Linder Sterling and Chris Taylor.”

Select – May 1994

“‘You! Outside! Now! Morrissey’s war on Pop’ / ‘Hand In Glove’, a Morrissey interview by Andrew Harrison. Cover photo and inside by Richard Varnden. Topics: boxing, the current music scene, ‘Vauxhall & I’, the past, Rourke and Joyce, racism accusations, achievements.”

Vox – May 1994

“This issue includes a special photo feature to coincide with the release of Johnny Rogan’s ‘The Smiths: The Visual Documentary’”

Details – April 1994

“Morrissey interview by William Shaw: “Yippee-ki-yay!” / “Homme Alone 2”. Photographs by Anton Corbijn. Topics: “Vauxhall & I”, the past year, happiness, Smiths legacy, boxing, sex, friends.”

Q – April 1994

“‘Yes, I Am Pregnant: Mr. Chuckle-Trousers Unzips His Lip’ / ‘Hello Cruel World’, a Morrissey interview by Stuart Maconie. Photos on cover and inside by Andy Earl, taken at the LA Griffith Observatory (includes one Smiths photo by Paul Slattery). Topics: Gillian Taylforth, “Vauxhall & I”, rumours, personality change, England and America, being sensitive, growing…

L’Indic – March 1994

“”Ma Prison Dorée”, a Morrissey interview by J.C. Panek. Photos by P. Mazzoni including cover. Topics: interviewing Morrissey, heores, solitude, press, his audience, happiness, record labels, internet.”

NME – 26 March 1994

“‘MOZMANIA! Viva mate: Morrissey meets his public’ Article written by Angela Lewis and Stuart Bailie, photos by Kevin Cummins and Roger Sargent, cover by Sargent.”

The Sunday Times – 13 March 1994

“Fascinating article in which Julie Burchill writes at length about Morrissey’s youth before recalling, interview-style, a surreal incident in which Morrissey turned up unannounced on her doorstep. (The outcome was not pretty!) This is the infamous “stitch-up” later referred to in the May issue of Select that had Morrissey’s companion, Jake Walters, so incensed that…

Q – January 1994

“‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ / ‘Nothing To Declare But Their Genius’, a retrospective of the Smiths’ career, put together by David Cavanaugh with interviews of Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce, Geoff Travis, John Porter, Stephen Street, and many other people who were involved. Photographs by Paul Slattery.”

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