1989-1990 Interviews

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Q – December 1989

“Interview done by Mat Snow “Along Again Naturally” / “The Soft Touch”. Photos by Steve Double and Kevin Cummins. Topics: shaving, the occult and religion, collaborators Langer and Winstanley, self management, court cases with ex-Smiths, pop music, Blackbox, the Wolverhampton show, raves and drugs, musical tastes, changing audiences, Bette Davis, fame and success, the future…

NME – 24 June 1989

“”Johnny, Remember Me?”, a Johnny Marr interview by Dave Haslam. Topics: the split, collaborations, giving interviews, musical influences, journalism, Manchester.” – PJLM

NME – 16 September 1989

“This issue was to have a Morrissey interview, but Morrissey backed out at the last minutes. Printed instead is “Headful Of Heroes”, lists written down by Morrissey. Photos on cover and inside by Kevin Cummins. Issue includes a poster of Morrissey bare chested”

Les Inrockuptibles – September 1989

“The Smiths’ retrospective article and Johnny Marr interview, all in French. Interview topics: the final days of Smithdom, new collaborations, being a spokesperson, his musical influences, his favourite memories of being with The Smiths, the Smiths’ musical style, and Manchester.”

Best – August 1989

“The Smiths’ career overview, in French. Includes some previously unpublished photographs from the band’s trip to France in 1984.”

Rockin’ On – May 1989

“A translation in Japanese of the recent James Brown interview from the NME. Cover and inside photos by Lawrence Watson, Kevin Cummins and Tom Sheehan. Also Johnny Marr feature.”

Crossbeat – April 1989

“Article in Japanese, along with a translation of the interview previously published in Record Mirror on 11th February.”

NME – 11-25 February 1989

“Morrissey interview by James Brown printed over three issues. Cover photo by Lawrence Watson of Morrissey drinking Ecover washing liquid on issue with part one: “Morrissey Comes Clean / Playboy Of The Month”. Topics: “…Famous International Playboys”, fans, Wolverhampton concert, the Smiths split, crime, relationships, being a sex symbol, sexuality, his ‘children’, England, touring, friends,…

Record Mirror – 11 February 1989

“‘Playboy Of The Western World’, a Morrissey interview by Eleanor Levy. Cover and centrespread photos by Lawrence Watson. Topics: the Kray twins, his place in pop music, football, the Wolverhampton gig, the Smiths split, his eyebrows and chin, his epitaph.”


Vox – November 1990

“Morrissey interview by Len Brown titled “Bona Contention”. Cover (“November Spawned A Mozzer”) and inside photos by Kevin Cummins and Pennie Smith. Topics: backlash, defending “Bona Drag”, recent singles, Craig Gannon, indie/dance crossover, rave culture, touring.”

Sounds – September 1990

“Double-page picture spread, humourously telling the not-so-accurate story of Morrissey’s career via photo captions.”

Gay Times – August 1990

“Major article by Kris Kirk and Richard Smith about Morrissey’s sexuality. Exclusive cover photo by Kevin Cummins. Kirk maps Morrissey’s gradual alienating of various sectors of his audience. Smith pleads for Morrissey to reveal his true sexual colours. Inside photographs by Paul Rider, Lawrence Watson and Paul Slattery.”

Spin – April 1990

“Short, but rather interesting little article to summarise the Morrissey persona.”

Rockin’ On – June 1990

“Japanese translation of the previous March interview by Nick Kent in The Face. Different photos by Kevin Cummins and Anton Corbijn.”

The Face – March 1990

“‘The Deep End’, Morrissey interview by Nick Kent. Exclusive cover and inside photos by Anton Corbijn. Topics: his position in the 90s, ‘Striptease With A Difference’, relationships/sexuality, the Smiths split, Johnny Marr, Manchester scene, ecstasy culture, America, concerts.”

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