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Details – December 1992

“”Homme Alone – Sex And The Single Guy”, Morrissey interview by David Keeps. Photos by David Jensen. Topics: his tongue, kisses, love by fans, people/youth, depression, guilt, sexual urges, shyness, love, Michael Stipe, music tastes, films, daily life.”

Observer Magazine – December 1992

“Titled “No Sex Please, I’m Morrissey”. Interview by Robert Chalmers (done in Houston, October 1992). Photos by Linder Sterling from “Morrissey Shot”. Topics: “Your Arsenal”, success in North America, the press, the Finsbury Park incident, the Union Jack and the racism rumours, growing up in Manchester, heroes, his christian name, “The Severed Alliance”, Rourke And…

Select – December 1992

“Morrissey interview by David Thomas with excerpts from the USA tour and the USA promotional appearances. Photos by Eddie Sanderson. Topics: devotion, record sales, the audience, the music industry, publicity, pop music, attention and tours.”

Les Inrockuptibles – November 1992

“This is only an article on Morrissey by JD Beauvallet, not an interview, but it includes previously unseen photos of Morrissey by Renaud Montfourny.”

Record Collector – November 1992

“Feature on The Smiths collectables, including a “Top 100 rarities” by Mark Thompson. Morrissey and Marr on cover. First part of Johnny Marr interview by Johnny Rogan who later published the “Severed Alliance” biography. Topics: early days, Rough Trade, sessions for the debut album, writing with Morrissey, Andy’s drug problems, management, recordings various songs and…

Spin – November 1992

“”What Becomes A Legend Most” / “The Sorrow And The Pity”. Morrissey photo on cover and inside by the Douglas Brothers. Interview by David Thomas done in Los Angeles. Topics: fan devotion, the music industry, the press, literature, depression, hugs, critics, loneliness, The Smiths, songs, fear, indulging, himself, trust.”

Entertainment Weekly – 16 October 1992

“”The Great White Mope”, Morrissey interview done in Toronto by David Browne. Photos by Chris Buck. Topics: the tour, his influences, American radio, fanzines, his persona.”

Best – September 1992

“”Interview exclusive et défense des valeurs éternelles de l’Angleterre” / “L’age Christique”, written by Emmanuelle Debaussart & Jacques Vincent, photos on cover and inside by Youri Lenquette. Topics: “Your Arsenal”, England and its decline, public image, reading, ageing, mods, Mick Ronson, etc.”

Q – September 1992

“”Talking Up Your Arsenal” / “Ooh I Say”, interview by Adrian Deevoy. Photos by Hugo Dixon and cover by Mike Owens. Topics: his physique, sexual innuendo, his reclusiveness, The Severed Alliance, “Your Arsenal”, death, racism and Englishness, pop music, Michael Stipe, Vic Reeves, Manchester, The Smiths, ecstasy, sex.”

Select – September 1992

“Six-page feature in which various celebrities review Your Arsenal. Also includes an amusing little Morrissey tribute poem by Damon Albarn (of Blur fame), called “Arsenal retentive”.”

You – 20 September 1992

“”Mad About The Boy / Morrissey storms the states”, Morrissey interview in Los Angeles by David Thomas. A more complete version of this interview can be found in the November 1992 Spin magazine. Photos on cover and inside by Eddie Sanderson. Topics: his habits, fame, pop music, depression, the American tour, childhood and life.”

Oor – August 1992

“”Een obsessie die vijf jaar duurde” / “Het Grote Morrissey interview”. Dutch article about The Smiths by Bert van de Kamp, plus original interview (in Dutch) with Morrissey conducted by Marnix Peeters, and a review of “Morrissey and Marr: the severed alliance”. Photographs by Eric Watson, Lawrence Watson, Wim van de Hulst, and Rob Verhorst…

NME – 22 August 1992

“Morrissey on cover waving the Union Jack. ‘Flying the flag or flirting with disaster’. The racism allegations issue. Photographs by Kevin Cummins, Chris Hughes, and Renaud Monfourny (latter uncredited).”

Vox – June 1992

“At Last The Real Story”. Photos, including cover, by SIN, LFI, Retna, Prial Press, Stephen Wright. Many articles about the Smiths, this is almost a special issue about the band: news about possible reunion, “The Wit & Wisdom Of Morrissey” (a collection of quotes), “What Difference Did It Make?” a Smiths story written by Johnny…

NME – 9 May 1992

“For their 40th anniversary issue, they included a section with all NME covers with Morrissey on them*, and reprinted the letters Morrissey sent to the NME. The issue also included a review of the newest single “We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful”. Morrissey on the cover.” Missing page with Morrissey covers.

Outlook – January-February 1992

“Special Smiths/Morrissey feature, including a Smiths overview article, an essay by Mark Simpson about Morrissey’s sexuality and appeal to fans, and short interviews with Stephen Street, Phranc, and Sandie Shaw.”

Q – January 1992

Article by Robert Sandall about the Kill Uncle tour with photos by Kevin Cummins.

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