Melody Maker – 16 March 1985

“‘The Morrissey Inquisition’ / ‘Trial By Jury’, Morrissey interview by representatives of various fanzines (Robert Watts of Running Order, Dave Haslam from Debris, Tim Barlow from Eat Yourself Fitter, Rob Deacon from Abstract, Lesley O’Toole from Inside Out, Jon Story from Bucketfull Of Brains), edited by Allan Jones. Morrissey on the cover. Topics: giving interviews, pressure, adolescence, success, musical aims, entertainment vs art, violence, being an outsider, being a figurehead, “Meat Is Murder”, schooldays, lyrics, love, touring.”

Melody Maker – 3 August 1985

“‘Strumming For The Smiths’ / ‘The Thoughts Of Chairman Marr’, Johnny Marr interview by Barry McIlheney. Photo on cover and inside by Tom Sheehan. Topics: giving interviews, press, music business, music scene, concerts, the next album, looking back on the debut album, sixties vs eighties, Band Aid, musical influences.”