NME – 23 February 1985

“Photo of Morrissey by Peter Anderson on cover. The issue includes their best of 1984 poll results where The Smiths were voted best group, Johnny Marr best instrumentalist and Morrissey/Marr best songwriters. The band, Morrissey or Marr are also listed at different positions in the ‘best new act’, ‘best male singer’, ‘best single’, ‘best album’, ‘best dressed sleeve’, ‘best dressed person’, ‘most wonderful human being’ and ‘creep of the year’ categories.” – PJLM

The Face – May 1985

“”Dreamer In The Real World”, Morrissey and Marr interview by Nick Kent. Photographs by Nick Knight. Topics: his past, Manchester, early Smiths days, Morrissey’s surname, the Moors murders, music while growing up, punk, journalism, working with each other. Note: the 2-hour audio from this interview is available from bootleg traders.”