Has The World Changed or Have I Changed?

I hope you’ll notice the changes that have been applied to the website. I’ve had a lot more time on my hands since falling ill with COVID-19, so I’ve taken the opportunity to update various things on the site, along with upgrading the plan.

One of the most notable changes that you’ll notice is that the low resolution thumbnail images don’t appear on the main body of the post. This is a good thing, and I’ll add in the magazine cover images in full resolution on the post where it applies. I also had to fix a bug where one paged articles completely disappeared with the new code.

Other changes include updates to the posts The Underground Issue #2 – the images are reuploaded in high quality. Debris Issue #2 was also updated, fixing the cover image to display in higher quality and is more readable for the first page (the other two pages are in great quality). The scans for NME – 11-25 February 1989 were also updated with high quality “scans” (they are actually high quality photographs, but very readable. Unfortunately, the paper is still folded, but the original scans I obtained were like that, along with every copy of it that I’ve seen for sale, so I assume it was sold that way.

As for other articles and updates, you can check the front page‘s “Recently Added” section to see what I’ve been uploading lately. I’m also still continuing my search for missing scans.

Thank you for your continued support,

– Nick

Published by Nick Stuckenborg

Archivist. Cinematographer.

One thought on “Has The World Changed or Have I Changed?

  1. Thanks so much for the update, Nick, and for all you do. Love this site and your dedication is very appreciated 🖤


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