Record Mirror – 14 February 1987

“”Visionary Outcast or Egotistical Twit” / “The Boy In The Bubble”, a Morrissey interview by Stuart Bailie. Photo on cover. Topics: the harsh truth of the camera eye, “Shoplifters Of The World Unite” and other recent songs, British music, the current music scene, jealousy, sexuality, the interview with Pete Burns, moving on to EMI, “The World Won’t Listen”.”

Oor – 21 February 1987

“Morrissey interview “The Smiths, Morrissey: de prins van de pijn”, an interview by Martin Aston. Morrissey on cover, photo by Sunshine. Topics: giving interviews, fans, promotion, the past and the present, success and fame , his importance in the music world, “The Queen Is Dead” album and its individual tracks, suicide and death, camp.”

No. 1 – 9 May 1987

“”35 Things You Didn’t Know About The Smiths”. Many interesting (even if of slightly dubious accuracy) facts about the band, involving everything from Johnny Marr’s Ansaphone message to Morrissey’s hat collection and offer of a modelling job for Comme des Garçons(!). Photographs by Jo Novark and Patrick Quigley.”

NME – 14 February 1987

“Includes “Exile On Mainstream” an interview with Marr by Danny Kelly, and their best of 1986 poll results where The Smiths were voted best in most categories. Band on cover “The Smiths Caught Red-Handed”. Photographs by Lawrence Watson. Topics: Marr’s role within the Smiths, the American tour, signing with EMI, dance music, their audience, Andy Rourke’s short leave,etc.”